First time in Mumbai: Relish Bunts Food Festival in Holiday Inn

Sudhir Pai – Executive Chef of Holiday Inn Mumbai cheering up for Bunts food
Sudhir Pai – Executive Chef of Holiday Inn Mumbai cheering up for Bunts food

First time in Mumbai a peculiar and unusual cuisine with the Bunts food is launched exclusively at Saptami Restaurant in Holiday Inn hotel Mumbai International Airport.

Sudhir Pai – Executive Chef of Holiday Inn Mumbai who hails from Mangalore region, has created a distinctive coastal cuisine from Southwest Karnataka. Authentic buffet dinner  offerings like, Kori Rotti, Pulli Munchi, Yeti Ghassi, Bunt Chicken Curry, Ghee Roast, Kori Sukka, Kori Kachpu, Basele Kudu Ta Gasi, Manoli Chana-a-Jadina, Sambhar, Saar, Kudu Saar,Neer Dosa, Idli, Pundi and many more. You can also indulge in an assortment of frenshly grounded flavorful chutney’s including Mango, Podi, Prawn, Bollingee, Red Chili, Nungel Meen and similar are made available.

The entire ambience is created in typical South indian style. The Saptami is decorated with traditional elements of décor including, banana leaves, aroma of marigold flowers, tiger masks amongst other things. The staff are wearing traditional Lungi and Shirt to make it perfect combination.

Chef Sudhir Pai says “The most striking quality of the Bunts cooking is the sheer amount of grinding it involves. Coconut is used in oil, milk and grated form in pretty much every dish. The amalgum of flavourings, Tamarind or Kokum, Chilli or Pepper gives every dish its own tang”. So delight your evening and enjoy a memorable lip-smacking meal.

Bunts Food Festival                                                                                             

Where: Holiday Inn Mumbai International Airport                                               

Venue: Saptami                                                                                         

When: Ongoing till 20th August                                                                        

Timing: 07 pm to 11:30 pm                                                                               

Buffet Price: Rs. 1399 plus taxes                                                          

Reservations:  9004617824

Written by Sitaram Mewati

Author: Sitaram Mewati

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