Germany’s Cologne Tourist Board: One stop solution for all needs


Gregor Gosciniak, Head of Marketing Cologne Tourist Board at The Leela Hotel Mumbai
Gregor Gosciniak, Head of Marketing Cologne Tourist Board at The Leela Hotel Mumbai

Recently concluded Annual Discover Germany Road Show – 2017 was a great success. Besides regular participants many more other also entered the fray. There are many destinations in Germany which is liked not only by Indians but also by other countries too.

Cologne is one of the most sought after destination for many countries. Keeping this in mind Cologne Tourism Board has formed single umbrella window to facilitate all requirements under one roof (CTB) which take care of Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, Carriers and Tourists. CTB participated in German Road shows which held in India at various cities for last couple of years regularly. To know more CTB facilities, Gregor Gosciniak ,Head of Marketing Cologne Tourist Board who visited Mumbai during Germany Road show held at The Leela Mumbai spoke with Sitaram Mewati.

What is the Cologne Tourist Board?
Cologne Tourist Board is the official tourism marketing organisation for the City of Cologne and promotes Cologne globally as a travel and congress destination. Apart from enhancing Cologne’s reputation, we aim at strengthening the market position of the city and its region as an attractive tourist destination and outstanding congress centre on domestic as well as on the international scale. In doing this, we increase the economic value added of the city and its region.

What is the benefit of Cologne Tourist Board to visitors, tourists, or tour operator?
Cologne Tourist Board is the first port of call for tourists from all over the world, both business and leisure visitors. The local staff knows the city best and supports, travel and MICE industry as well as the visitors to Cologne. Being an official city´s agency the Cologne Tourist Board is totally independent and its customers can be assured the offers are trustworthy and well checked.

What type of assistance is given by Cologne Tourist Board?
Information for travelers and visitors as well as for multiplicators and operators of both the travel and MICE industry, support of press and journalists, in depth tips regarding Cologne – basicly Cologne Tourist Board will give you all the assistance you need in Cologne or all assistance to plan and organize a great trip or event in Cologne. If you are looking for medical treatments you can send doctors reports and Cologne Tourist Board will lead you to the right local hospital or doctor for treatment. 

What are the benefits if anybody approaches Cologne Tourist Board?
The Cologne Tourist Board is a one stop agency, so you will get all services you need out of one hand. This saves your time and money. Staff at the Cologne Tourist Borad is local, they not whats hot and what`s not, they know what´s going on. The Cologne Tourist Board has a huge network of local partners, so if they can not solve a problem they know who can – so working with the Cologne Toursit Board opens doors in and to Cologne resulting into happy costumers.

What are the services we can look forward from Cologne Tourist Board? 
The Cologne Tourist Board offers information regarding the travel- and MICE destination Cologne, information materials, websites for both leisure and MICE costumers, hotel booking for FIT and groups, guided tours, tickets for events as well as the City´s official souvenir store.

Sitaram Mewati

Author: Sitaram Mewati

Award winning journalist

Sitaram Mewati

Sitaram Mewati

Award winning journalist

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