Days of Devotion: Time to turn Navratri fasting into feasting at ITC Maratha

Navratra Thali served at Peshwa Pavilion ITC Maratha
Navratra Thali served at Peshwa Pavilion ITC Maratha

Those who are looking for exclusive satvik Navratri meals have reason to smile. ITC Maratha hotel is serving an exemplary Navratri Vrat meal. It features recipes which are made from simpler, healthier ingredients in back-to-the-basics styles of cooking.

Chef Deepti Jadhav under able guidance of Executive Chef Mayank Kulshreshtha have put together interesting recipes for those observing the nine-day Navratri fast, that starts September 21st. The dishes would certainly be tongue tickling and delicious in taste too.

Navratri Thali Menu 

Start with: Paangam (Jaggery and Ginger drink), Aam Panna, Fruit Lassi, Plain Curd and Srikhand.

Sabzi: Paneer Malai, Aloo Jeera, Kaddu Dahi ki Sabzi, Sadhi, Lauki ke Kofte, Paneer Aloo Kofta and Arbi ki Sabzi.

Indian breads: Kuttu Poori, Singhada Paratha, Rajgira Paratha and Singhara Poori

Staple dishes:  Samak ke Chawal, Sabudana Khichdi and Kuttu Khichdi.

Chaats: Fruit Chaat, Shakarkand Chaat, Raw Banana Vada and Arbi ki Tikki.

Dessert: Nanchini ke Ladoo, Sabudana Kheer, Makhana Kheer, Til ke Ladoo and Badam Halwa. Last, but not least Sabudana Papad.

So what are you waiting for go and grab perfect meal at Peshwa Paivilion.

Chef Deepti Jadhav curated exclusive Navratri delicacies
Chef Deepti Jadhav curated exclusive Navratri delicacies

What: A Divine Feast for Days of Devotion

Where: ITC Maratha

Venue: Peshwa Pavilion

When: 21st to 29th September

Price: Rs.1750 plus taxes

Timing: Dinner Only

Contact: 28303030

(Please note: The dishes in the Thali would vary everyday as they would be offered to the guest on a rotational basis from the menu)

Author: Sitaram Mewati

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