Protest march in Behram Baug to end the harsh mess

Pupils and Residents protesting in Behram Baug
Pupils and Residents protesting in Behram Baug

Residents of Evershine Cosmic Society and other neighbouring societies from Oshiwara, Lokhandwala, Veera Desai Road and more came together to bring some drastic changes in their neighbourhood. As mentioned in the previous article, link here: BMC’s failed efforts to keep the area clean has led to the breeding of deadly viruses like Dengue, Malaria, etc. Having triple parking in such a small space is causing a headache to the vehicles passing by too.

As seen in the video below, the residents and pupils come together after getting no results from BMC and also the elected MLAs over several years, and protest against the uncivil behaviour of the authorities that has led to such a mess.

We hope the concerned authorities take the necessary action to end this mess and let everybody in the surrounding area have a healthy and safe life.

Author: MM News

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