Travel & Work: A Journey Into Bollywood’s Secret Life

BJ1A9244Hi! So glad you’re here reading my blog. But, Who am I? You must wonder. My name is Priya Ramcharan, also known by my pseudo Riyačan. I was born and raised in Suriname, South-America, but currently live in Suriname, the Netherlands, and partially the whole world…lol. Yes, an artist doesn’t have a permanent home, and I’ve been very busy traveling in order to do what I like the most, which is hosting Seminars, giving Motivational Speeches, Inspiring people around the globe, Modeling and Acting. I’m also given a grand title as Ambassador of the Kurodaiya Self-Defense Organization in the Netherlands. My current projects will be explained to you in my blogs in the well-known Mumbai Messenger Newspaper as well as on my Facebook and Instagram page. So let me tell you about Bollywood from my perspective.

My journey started in August 2017. My aim was to travel and chill a bit, you know, some q-time with myself. I seriously needed to contact with my soul for the benefit of my own well-being. So I booked a ticket to the Netherlands, which is my second home country. I was fairly excited as I was to see my folks and friends back after 5 months. Then it happened! Two weeks right before my “vacay”, a friend of mine Jayhsree Lachman, who is an International Make-up Artist in the Netherlands, suggested a quite a fascinating project. It would be collaboration between 2 organizations such as The Elementss from India and the infamous Make-up Artist from Bollywood Subhash Shinde.

My so-called “vacay” finally and as usually, changed into a work-mode settlement. The journey started with my departure from Suriname to the Netherlands on the 6th of September 2017. My flight duration was 9 hours. I arrived in the Netherlands on the 7th of September at 10 a.m. and continued with my first project, which was a fashion photo-shoot for the Riyačan Couture Foundation. I finished the job from 13:00 p.m. till 18:00 p.m. After that I took a shower, had some dinner and then straight to bed, as I need the intense resting period for my 8 hours flight to Mumbai. I should mention that those few hours were only made possible by Ashvin Lachman, also known as Baba Lachman, who is my friend Jayshree’s brother. A perfect host and a good friend as he took his precious time trying to fix my breakfast and driving me everywhere I needed to go.

The next morning, I checked-in and had breakfast at the airport. My flight was fairly interesting as I sat alone by the window. I could feel that my fellow passengers were observing me as I clearly looked like a foreigner. I couldn’t say that my meal on the airplane was good, but then again, I don’t like to complain. I’m a vegetarian and I expected to have a great veg thali, lol… I quickly learnt that people from India loved chicken and mutton, because that was the main and hot item distributed by the handsome stewards on board. I closed my eyes and dozed off into a deep sleep for about one hour. When I opened my eyes and looked out the window, I could see these beautiful little lights and I suspected that I was close to my destination. I got this awe feeling and thought to myself: “My God, this is where my ancestors came from. The great India. Bharat!” I saw a lot of video’s online about India and they always fascinated me. However, after half an hour those beautiful lights dimmed into darkness and very small roofs as I could observe from above when looking down. I shrugged my shoulders and thought of these as nothing merely than abandoned villages.

I must say that Mumbai’s airport is astoundingly magnificent and grand. I was overwhelmed and really wanted to get out and see more. It was 21:00 p.m. My friend Jayshree and the founder of The Elementss were coming to pick me up so I started looking for them. Upon recognizing my friends we walked to our car and in myself I thought: “Priya I know it’s getting warm and extremely hot, but look around, you’re at the airport were so many famous people stop and go.” Yes, I was very optimistic. My journey in Mumbai and into the world of Bollywood starts here.

Author: Priya Ramcharan

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