46-year-old woman becomes victim of domestic violence

IMG-20180203-WA0002Screenshot_20180203-132251In what appears to be another case of domestic violence in the city a 46-year-old woman has been another victim. Babita (aka Meera) Malhotra has been seriously injured and bruised by her in-laws and husband over the years.
Malhotra a Worli resident has been subject to domestic violence by her in-laws and husband for more than 15 years. Currently Malhotra is in a very critical condition and she is blaming her husband Mahesh Malhotra for it.
Malhotra said,”From the very start from the day my daughter was born they kept her away from me their motto was just to have a child from me and kick me away out of their house. All these 15 years of marriage they treated me differently as an outsider not giving me proper food, clothes or money for my necessary expenses not even allowing me to take my daughter to see even my mother when she died from cancer”
New Doc 2018-02-04Malhotra has also accused her husband and in-laws of not taking proper care of her, when she was ill, “When I started getting ill they didn’t get me treated properly they used to just give me painkillers that’s all. Today whatever has happened to me is because of the stress and agony they have caused me all these years and they have even turned my daughter against me by brain washing her and taking her away from me.”
Malhotra also said that her in-laws behaved the same way and ill treated her sister-in-law as well, “They have done this before too to my devrani she ended up divorcing my brother in law and even took her daughter away and now she’s living a good life without them. I don’t want anything I just want to see my daughter and be with her in that house”.
She has also approached the court and the court has issued an arrest warrant against him. Currently Mahesh is absconding and is on the run.

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