Bhavesh Balchandani known as Ranvijay of Veera Serial enters in Naamkaran

bhavesh balchandani 2Bhavesh Balchandani known as Ranvijay from show veera, Lastly played role of krishna on big magic’s show baal krishna is all set to do a very different role which is polar opposite of his real life in NaamKaran.
you can say SAMRAT is a nerd guy who has knowledge about everything and keep explaining people things according to the situation.. he is an open encyclopaedia ‘kitaabi keeda’..  Samrat always have a soft corner for SAESHA ‘who is a modern kinda girl’ so there are chances of love track between samrat and saesha shown in the show ahead.
NAAMKARAN Show comes on starplus MON-FRI at 9 pm. Show is taking a leap of 5 year.
Its like I am playing a totally opposite character from my real life.. as I am not that much into books and i have to be a kitaabi keeda, so damn excited because playing a very different role from my all the other characters played before by me.. and coming back to Starplus is a really good feeling.. So lets hope for the best and may this character get loved by the people as all my characters have been loved.

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