Creative Eye’s Gala Party on the launch of “Ishq Subhan Allah” on Zee TV

dheeraj kumar,adnan khan,esha singh & sunil guptaCreative Eye Limited had its launch of a new program on Wednesday 14th March for its new offering “Ishq Subhan Allah” on prestigious Zee channel, to be telecast from Monday to Friday, five days a week at 10 pm.  To celebrate this Mega launch producer Dheeraj Kumar, Zuby Kochhar, Sunil Gupta hosted a party with their complete unit Creatives, Technicians & Artists. They were present to enjoy the telecast of the first episode.  The event and the launch started with the screening of the first episode live from Zee stable with lot of energy and vibrancy.  

Once the telecast was over producer Dheeraj Kumar took to the mike and acknowledged the immense contribution of one and all to create this major product for the viewers in India and across the globe. He also thanked the director Vikram Ghai, Cameraman Dinesh Singh, Editor Dharmesh Patel, Writers Danish Javed and Anjum Abbas along with Ideation & Development Head Sandhya Riaz. Dheeraj Kumar further thanked project head Asgar Ali his team supervising producer Shailendra including all from a smallest technician to one and all present on the occasion. Dheeraj Kumar while expressing his gratitude to the head honcho’s of Zee TV Mr. Punit Goenka, Mr. Punit Mishra Mr. Deepak Rajadhyaksha, Ms. Charu, Mr. Yubaraj Bhattacharya and to their team for having their immense faith in Creative Eye Limited, he conveyed their good wishes for the success of the program to one and all present at the party.

Artist technician also acknowledged their gratitude towards the production house Creative Eye Limited, in response Sunil Gupta thanked them whole heartedly. Producer Zuby Kochhar conveyed her good wishes for the great success of the show to the entire unit.

Later on, everybody took to the dancing floor with pulse setting music and they danced their heart content. A sumptuous dinner was arranged for the guest and everybody enjoyed the delicious dinner, especially prepared for the launch party. The party went on till the wee hours with lot of Masti Dhamal for fun frolic in high spirits.

It was a feel good factor for all of them as after the hard work of 8-9 months they have seen their efforts on screen. Ishq Subhan Allah will be a different series in true sense and everyone believed in it. There were so many minds creative to technician to production but everyone was in sync. It was a complete Ishq Subhan Allah Family – Creative Eye Ltd.  

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