Combining cinema and patriotism through a short film festival, Atharva foundation’s rigorous effort : Niharica Raizada

DSC02987Atharva Foundation had organized a Patriotic Short Film festival in association with Atharva Institutes of Film and Television and Pocket Films.

The film festival was accompanied by the grand finale and award ceremony of  the Short Film at Atharva educational complex, Malad. The actress Niharica Raizada of the upcoming movie Total Dhamal was also present at the event to encourage the participants and gave awards to the winner. The film festival received 150 entries from all over the country with patriotic plot. The duration of the films were 3 to 20 minutes. Out of 150 entries, 10 were selected to screen the jury and were awarded.

The winner list goes like: Manu Chobe for Mukti (Best Film),Rammy Srivastav for UNA:AN UNTOLD STORY (Best film-1st runner up),Vasudeo Rane for Shantikal (Best film-2nd runner up),Late Jaspal Bhatti for the story of a story (Best screenplay),Sujay Pawar for UNA:AN UNTOLD STORY (Best Cinematographer), Vasudeo Rane for Shantikal (Best Director), Alrufian for Utheeram (Best Background score), Mihir Bhadra for Farak (Best editor), Yashpal Sharma for the role of Capt. Rakka (Best Actor male) and Tanishka Waghmare for the role of Pihu (Best Actor female).

Atharva group has taken couple of steps towards our brave and martyrs real unsung heroes of the nation. “One for All, All for one” is the initiative towards the soldiers of the country. Recently, on women’s days “100 computers, 100 daughters, 100 days” program for the technical studies for the daughters of our brave soldiers.

Sunil Rane, the chairman of the Atharva Foundation quoted “it has been seen that the cinema is always the biggest platform whenever it comes to spread a message, whether its related to social issue or for the sake of country. Cinema has always inspired every group of the society. The short film produced at the festival will not only inspire the youth but also will develop love and respect for the motherland. Now many youngsters are joining defense which is good for the country. I am sure audience will love the film.

Niharica Raizada quoted “It is an admirable effort by Atharva Foundation who have opted patriotic theme for  the short film festival..The films which have the essence of patriotism are always a matter of pride. I think the medium and audience for short film is exciting. Because of a patriotic theme, I expect to see everything that focus on Army, social welfare in India, farmers’ hard labour and maybe a light shed on India’s art and entertainment as well.”

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