BMC has finally woken up!!

MCGM officials finally woke up to the cause of expansion of the artificial Lord Ganesh immersion pond on creek road popularly known as Lokhandwala back road. Relentless efforts of the Lokhandwala Oshiwara Citizen`s association aptly led by the founder Mr Dhaval Shah & Mr Gaanesh Rao finally paid rich dividends in getting the illegal RTO booth shifted from there paving way for expansion of the pond & more frontage space for devotees which was lacking during the peak hour of visarjan days. After more then a year Ms Shubhada Joshi of BMC came with her team and laid the stepping stone to the expansion.

With removal of the booth it will aid the expansion process as that was coming in the way of increasing the length of the pond. RTO officials were dilly dallying in the shifting since more then 2 years. Several letters & persuasion fell on deaf years. Current K-West Ward Officer Mr Parag Masurkar has to be credited for taking a apt decision of removal of the booth & confirming that once funds flow in the month of May he will take the expansion ahead in view of the huge increase of idol immersions year on year.



This year the residents of K-West ward have great experience to look forward to during the Lord Ganesha festival. Residents have to thank the Lokhandwala Oshiwara Citizen`s association for their efforts in making the pond bigger & managing the pond during immersion time along with the dynamic K-West ward officer Mr Parag Masurkar. Their favourite immersion pond on lokhandwala back road is up for expansion. The pond is classic example of saving the environment from degradation caused by leaching of colours & allied pollutants from the synthetic material idols. From the inaugural year the pond has been lapped up by local & far away residents as well due to the convenience it offers & the eco friendly nature of the pond. Ample parking space & hassle free immersion draws huge devotees to the pond. With the length of the pond expanded the frontage space will increase in leaps and reduce the chaos in the super dense immersion time period of 6 to 9 PM during visarjan day.

Devotees will have more relaxed & enjoy pleasurable experience. Also will be able to conduct their final pooja before immersion more peacefully and capacity of the pond will grow tremendously. Once expansion takes place pond will be able to accommodate more idols then ever, taking into future growth projections and current needs. The popularity graph of the pond will only go northwards from here.

Artificial Pond to be expanded

FEBRUARY 18, 2015: We came across this unique joint which claims to be a RTO office with all possible banners and hoarding screaming out to be a RTO office from the outside but from inside it’s a Pan shop, Tea stall and everything but RTO office. This place is run by a man who you can see in the above picture who calls himself the care taker of the shop and in the evening and by a RTO officer in the morning. The place is clustered, with everything scattered around in a mess and filth all over the place. This shop is nothing but ruins and an unorganized menace making it difficult to understand what it was in reality.