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Studying makes the mind healthy and playing makes the body healthy. Sharad Vegda/Mumbai Messenger To earn a living all you need is determination and not education. Diksha/Mumbai Messenger Small tasks and small people contribute in a larger sphere of life. Niket Kotecha/Mumbai Messenger We can conquer the world despite the gender inequality. Niket Kotecha/Mumbai Messenger

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Education is every girl’s right. Then why it’s given to only few?, At least a 40% of girls are not allowed to pursue higher studies, due to the conservative familial ideologies – Survey. Diksha / Mumbai Messenger When a woman inspires another, the empowerment happens itself. Niket Kotecha / Mumbai Messenger There are no rules

City in Photos – Makar Sakranti Festival

Makar Sakranti is a festival of kites. This festival is celebrated in Mumbai with fun, music and enthusiasm. Niket Kotecha / Mumbai Messenger My kite will touch the sky, the kid is all engrossed in the kite flying mode. Sharad/Mumbai Messenger Age No Bar, Flying kite is a bliss to all. Sharad/Mumbai Messenger Enjoying and