Chinese Cultural Troupe rocks in Worldfest16: Steals the show

Consul General of People’s Republic of China Zheng Xiyuan, Consul and Li Fanghui WITH Troupe
The audience of Worldfest 16 festival were stunned to see performances of Chinese Dance troupe which were especially flown from China to participate in Worldfest 16 festival which was held on December 3rd and 4th at Bellard Estate in Mumbai. It is annual International Performing Arts Festival that attempts to bring the world together. Consul General of People’s Republic of China Zheng Xiyuan, Consul and Li Fanghui and team from Chinese Consulate in Mumbai personally attended the event and motivated troupe.

Worldfest 16 festival is a one-stop destination for anyone who wishes to travel the globe. Not only does the festival provide a complete experiential zone of different countries teeming with art and culture, food and handicrafts, but also offers an opportunity for first hand interactions with natives from the participating nations.

The Consul General of People’s Republic of China in Mumbai invited Haikou Municipal Arts Troupe from Haikou province. There were 25 artist participated in the colourful event. There were eight performances of troupe that included group dance, solo instrumental music and singing. The audiences who were watching performances were taken aback to see Mermaid dance performed by troupe. There was nonstop applauding from audiences to cheer up the troupe on every performance. The Dance troupe was headed by Feng Yong from Department of Culture, Radio, Television, Publication and Sports of Hainan Province of China.

Consul General of People’s Republic of China Zheng Xiyuan said “I really love this kind of international cultural show, which could help better understanding and friendship between different peoples to come closer. This time we invited one Chinese cultural troupe to come to Mumbai for this event. We aimed to increase local people’s interest in China and Chinese culture. We would be happy and like to continue to participate in similar function in the future too”.

Troupe performing during show
When asked about importance of this type of cultural events for both countries, he further elaborated “Both China and India are great ancient civilizations. We both countries are also most populous nations in the world. Over the past 2000 years, culture has been the key bond between both countries and peoples. The cultural
exchanges could easily narrow the gap between different peoples about each other. Culture and people-to-people exchanges are of great importance to Sino-Indian overall relations”.

Report: Sitaram Mewati