Collective efforts should be made to observe Mahavir Jayanti as ‘Ahimsa Diwas’ globally: Maharashtra Governor

jain muni 1
Maharashtra Governor C H Vidyasagar taking blessings from Jain Muni on Mahavir Jayanti celebration neld in Mumbai

On the occasion of 2616th Janm Kalyanak of Bhagwan Mahavir (Mahavir Jayanti) in Mumbai on Sunday The Governor of Maharashtra CH Vidyasagar Rao called for collective efforts to observe Mahavir Jayanti as ‘Ahimsa Diwas’ at the global level. The event was held at Patkar Hall, New Marine Lines in Mumbai

Bhagwan Mahavira’s message of Anekanta and Ahimsa could alone save the world from devastation and put it on the path of peace, progress and development. The Governor referred above on reported news of chemical weapons attack on children in Syria and the threat of counter attack.

jain muni
Maharashtra Governor C H Vidyasagar Rao sharing stage with dignitaries and Jain Muni on Mahavir Jayanti celebration neld in Mumbai

Addressing the gathering on the occasion, the Governor said, the concept of Ahimsa as propounded by Mahavira had wider connotations. He asserted that Ahimsa does not mean not killing of any living being alone, Ahimsa in totality means Ahimsa in words, Ahimsa in thought and Ahimsa in action.

The Governor called for imbibing the teachings of Bhagwan Mahavira on children to create a ‘Samarth Bharat’. He further called for invoking the teachings of Mahavira to inculcate respect for women among children, to end vices like greed and corruption and to reduce economic disparities.

Jain Acharya Padmananda Maharaj, Muni Mahendra Kumar, Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of India S S Mundra, MLA Raj Purohit, National President of Bharat Jain Mahamandal K C Jain and others were present.

Report: Sitaram Mewati