Festa Italiana: Five decades long Indo-Italian Business Relations Celebrated in Mumbai


The Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IICCI) celebrated its 50th anniversary, Festa Italiana in Trident Hotel at Nariman Point in Mumbai. The purpose of Festa Italiana’s was to showcase the hallmarks of Italy’s beauty, creativity, its millenary culture and its unique lifestyle to visitors who participated in event.

The event was also the occasion to retrace the history of the Chamber from its inception. In 1966, a group of Italian entrepreneurs decided to found an association. The association was to be acting as a point of reference between Italian and Indian industries. It was to support the establishment of business ventures, thus increasing the economic exchanges between both countries. Since then, the IICCI has gone a long way, and now comprises a network of five offices in all the major Indian cities.

The Festa Italiana was also aimed at bringing together Indian and Italian eminent personalities of the cultural and business world, giving them the exclusive possibility to experience a piece of both countries. Italy showcased with a tasting of its unique food and wine whereas India presented its music and traditions, performance of Karnataka and Bharat Natyam dances. The event was well attended by more than 250 people from various fields of Italy and India.

It may be recalled that Festa Italiana was launched in India for the first time in 2002 by the IICCI. It has become a most sought-after appointment for Mumbaikar’s to take pleasure in all the best Italy can offer to India, coveted fashion and design brands, sleek sport cars, exquisite food and wine, unique touristic destination, highly innovative technologies and know-how.

The event was a grand success and more than thirty brands and partners jointly organised 2016 chapter of Festa Italiana. It was also jointly organized by the IICCI, the Consulate General of Italy in Mumbai, ENIT – Italian State Tourist Board and the Embassy of Italy Cultural Center – Mumbai.

Report: Sitaram Mewati