French Cheese promotion event held in Mumbai;

French Chef François Robin showcased best of the cheese

french chef
Award winning French Cheese specialist Chef Francois at Artisan in Sofitel Hotel Mumbai BKC (Photo: Sitaram Mewati MM)

Say cheese, The European Union and the National Inter professional Center of the Dairy Economy, France (CNIEL) held cheese promotion event in Mumbai at two prominent places namely Indigo restaurant in Colaba and another one at Sofitel hotel Bandra BKC.

Leading French cheese spaecialist from France Chef François Robin was especially flown to share his vast knowledge on cheese. Chef Francois showcased the wide and rich cultural diversity of French cheese.

The French Business has several initiatives lined up to create further awareness regarding cheese in India. The promotional activities commenced in Mumbai which will be followed in Delhi too. Business France IN India took keen initiative to promote cheese events to next level.

french chef1
French Cheese specialist Chef Francois with food bloggers during workshop held at Sofitel hotel. Also seen first from left Julian Hoarau Marketing & Communication (Business France), second from left Shilpa Patil – HOD business services (Business France) Sylvian Biard Trade Commissioner (Business France) in centre behind Chef Francois (Photo: Sitaram Mewati MM)

The first day event held at Indigo restaurants where leading journalists, chefs of leading Mumbai hotels, food and beverage manager, food importers and restaurateurs participated. The event was organised for networking and to update and inform them best of the cheese available which are made in European countries including France. It was a cocktail of Cheese tasting of Vegetarian Cheese too.

Next day French Chef François Robin conducted workshop for food journalists, critics, bloggers and culinary specialists in Arisan restaurant at Sofitel hotel in Bandra BKC. The workshop was an in depth eye opener about varieties of cheese which was exclusively designed for the event keeping in mind vegetarian people too. Chef Francois spreading awareness about the variety, textures and qualities of cheese made available for Indian consumer.

french chef2
French Cheese specialist Chef Francois interacting with food bloggers during workshop held at Artisan in Sofitel Hotel Mumbai BKC (Photo: Sitaram Mewati MM)

The guests were surprised to see use of various ingredients used in Cheese such as spices, curry powder, garam masala, nutmeg, pista, almond cashew nuts and many more to be precise. The flavors wee appreciated by one and all.

Furthermore, workshops for food bloggers would also be organized at Chérie restaurant located at 1 Qutab road in New Delhi. Following these 3 events, a major consumer promotion campaign with a series of cheese tasting sessions will also take place at Foodhall and Hypercity stores in New

Delhi till 23 April 2017.
Speaking to MUMBAI MESSENGER French cheese specialist Chef François Robin says “Cheese is easy to pair and you don’t need knowledge or technique, just taste and try! I’ve done my best pairing French cheeses and wonderful Indian ingredients like curry leaves, garam masala, and coriander. I am optimistic and hopeful that this simple recipes will be helpful for Indian food lovers to fully adopt french cheeses”.

Europe – Leader and pioneer in Cheese making
It may sound unbelievable but it’s true. Best cheeses in the world come undoubtedly from Europe where artisans and big producers use their ancestral know-how to produce a wide variety of fine cheese.

Famous cheeses which are globally known are From French Camembert to Italian Burrata, the range of cheese is very diverse. Today, the dairy industry in the European Union is the most productive and the most successful in the world. Its strict regulations by the European Union and the CNIEL, a privately run organization whose main objective is to promote dairy products and to facilitate relationships between dairy producers and processors, makes cheese from Europe, the best and safest products for the consumer.

French Cheese popularity rising in India
The cheese from France in India is well appreciated and it ranks third as a supplier of cheese to India. Italy comes on first position followed with Denmark on second position. French cheese has been steadily rising in India and its market share is around 13% of total consumption. French cheese is very important & an adaptation to local tastes is necessary to increase consumption since cheese is tasty & also an important source of protein.

About François Robin: “François Robin takes his first steps in the world of cheese by helping his parents in the Vendée region of France. He began his career as a cheese specialist with Nicolas Julhès in Paris where cheeses, wines and delicatessen of high quality are found.

He participated in the contest of the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France that he wins in 2011 from his first participation after only 4 years of experience in this field. Francois learns to tune the cheeses with the finest dishes while appropriating their history. These new skills permitted him to join the famous Fauchon delicatessen where he found his place in the cheese department, which he animates and develops in close collaboration with Hervé Mons, a world-renowned refining cheese maker and manages to create a real synergy with the other departments of the grocery store.

Report: Sitaram Mewati