French contemporary dance festival in India

Artists playing Yama

The Embassy of France and Institut français India, in collaboration with Alliance Française de Pune, has organised the “Yama” by French choreographer Laura Arend Avayava Contemporary Dance Festival in Pune. The event will commence from April 13th, 2017.

The “Yama” aims to raise awareness among Indian dancers and audiences about contemporary dance culture. The event is supported by of Institut français Paris; “Yama” will also tour several other Indian cities from 13 to 24 April 2017.

The yama is choreographed by Laura Arend and other participant’s dancers include Patrick Entat, Lola Mino, Olivia Caillaud and Nitsan Maragaliot. Yama will travel in other cities too, On April 13th, Mumbai, April 16 Pune, April 18 Chennai, April 20th, Puducherry , April 22nd, Delhi (ML Bhartia Auditoriumm AFD) and April 24th Amritsar.

‘Yama’ is derived from the Sanskrit word signifying self-control, austerity, restraint and moral duty. It is inspired by Buddhist philosophy, yoga, and Arend’s travels in India. The piece opens to a sombre world, reflecting on the shortcomings of daily life, particularly on how selfishness causes oneself and others to suffer.

It also reflects on other themes in society, including the loss of the essential, our tendency to judge or ignore other viewpoints, our desire to possess which makes us crave the unattainable, despite the bitterness that this unfulfilled desire evokes. In the journey towards self-liberation, dance provides an amazing answer, and the piece “Yama” paves an extraordinary path to freedom, personal growth, healing and, quite simply, happiness.

His Excellency -Yves Perrin – Consul General of France in Bombay said “I am very much delighted to see such an initiative by French government in India. This is part of an ongoing effort to foster cultural exchange between France and India which would further grow in a period to come. It is a golden opportunity for Mumbaikar’s and Punekar’s to watch this exclusive event. I encourage everyone to be a witeness for mega show as they will be played in Bombay on the 13th and in Pune on the April 16th, 2017.

Role of Institut français India (IFI)
Institut français India (IFI) organises events that highlight French cultural partnerships in India and fosters cultural exchange between France and India. From training needs to promotion, IFI supports cooperation in domains of visual arts, performing arts, design and architecture to establish lasting connections in these vibrant sectors in the country.

Report: Sitaram Mewati