Gaurav Pereira, Chief Executive, True South (Filter Coffee)


Most of the leading Global coffee brands are entering India to tap market of Coffee drinkers. In India South Indian filter coffee is most popular but it is served only in South Indian restaurants or homes of South Indians. True South coffee, brand of South India, after doing a thorough research and development for numerous years is in the process of introducing real south Indian coffee pan India level. Time for a coffee experience unlike any other, time for True South! Senior Journalist SITARAM MEWATI in conversation with Gaurav Pereira, Chief Executive, True South…

What is South Indian coffee or filter coffee?
A south Indian coffee or filter coffee is a decoction based coffee which is best served with milk and sugar. The decoction is traditionally extracted in a percolator by pouring hot water on ground coffee powder. The water passes through the powder and then percolates into the lower chamber, forming the decoction.

Generally it is served either at South Indian Restaurants or South Indian homes. Why is it not available in other places?
The decoction is the secret behind the filter coffee and brewing it is an art as much as it is science. From the temperature of the water to the right grain size, all parameters must be followed rigorously to obtain a consistent decoction. And brewing the decoction is messy and time consuming as well. It takes about half an hour to make a good decoction. Therefore it is available in South Indian restaurants or South Indian homes as they have an expert who can make it.

What is true South coffee?
True South coffee is an idea which sprouted from the aim to popularise the South Indian filter coffee in traditional and non-traditional markets. Our passion led us to develop a ready to use filter coffee decoction. This is essentially filter coffee without the filter. With an impressive shelf life of 5 months and no added colours and preservatives, this decoction is the answer to filter coffee lovers everywhere.

What made you launch true South coffee?
As mentioned before, making the decoction is a time consuming, messy affair which needs skill and patience. Time is a commodity that no one has in today’s digital age. Therefore passion and the need of a customer to have a quality filter coffee anywhere, anytime drove us to develop this unique True South Decoction. After eight years of research, the product is now available in easy to use flexible packaging.

How much time does it take to prepare filter coffee at home? How much time will True South coffee take for preparing?
To relish a filter coffee, the decoction is a must. To make the decoction traditionally takes half an hour and this decoction lasts well for only two hours. With the True South decoction, all you need to do is add hot milk and sugar to taste. In less than 20 seconds, you have a quality filter coffee prepared with The True South Decoction.

When are you launching it in Mumbai?
If someone wants to launch any new product in the market, there has to be a thorough research and development needs to exercise. We are in the advanced stage after going through all pros and cons. The wait for Mumbaikar is about to see the dawn for True South Coffee. We are firming up our retail strategy now and we will soon be entering the Mumbai market.

How is the response for readymade filter coffee decoction in South?

Our presence currently in the retail market is small but we have been fortunate to cultivate a group of loyal customers. Repeat buyers of the True South Decoction are a large percentage of our customers and we are thoroughly encouraged by the response we have received so far.

Would it be available in restaurants and retail stores for regular coffee drinkers?
We are in the institutional space already. We supply to Luxury properties and QSR outlets in countries that serve our coffee. We are in the process of drawing a retail strategy to service our retail customers as well. The days are not far when our presence is clearly visible all over.

Who are your target customers to use True South coffee?
We have developed our coffee maker to enhance the usage of the decoction in different environments like hotels, café’s, restaurants and also office spaces. Also, with the retail customers, domestic users of coffee are also our target customers.

How many flavours have you developed?
We currently have two blends each in the institutional and retail space. Classic and Royal are the blends available in the institutional market in half litre and one litre packaging. In the retail market, we have the Eighty20 [Coffee 80% : Chicory 20%] and Malabar [Coffee 75% : Chicory 25%] blends in 250 ml packaging.

If introduced in Mumbai, how much would be the pricing for customers?
There are various factors involved while deciding the pricing and we are finalising it from various angles. Hence this is an answer we will be able to answer very soon once our retail strategy is firmed up. We will make sure that we should provide best product at affordable price. The coffee will most definitively be convenient, consistent and cost-effective!