Global leading group opened chocolate academy center in Mumbai


The Barry Callebaut Group, manufacturer of high quality chocolate and cocoa products, opened the door to its new, relocated Callebaut chocolate academy center and sales office in Mumbai.

The center serves as a venue for the exchange of technical skills, training, dialogue and the sharing of love for all aspects related to chocolate and cocoa products. It is one of 19 training centers managed by the companys gourmet division, around the world, and one of four in the Asia Pacific, with other centers being located in Singapore, Shanghai (China) and Tokyo (Japan).

The new center is equipped with state-of- the-art equipment and is led by professionals who have had the benefit of imbibing Barry Callebaut’s extensive global gourmet product experience. The center’s offerings include a wide range of workshops, courses and demonstrations for professional customers in all sectors. It includes chocolatiers, pastry chefs, bakers and other chocolate experts as well as culinary professionals working in hotels, restaurants and the catering business. Professional will be able to benefit from the modern kitchen and the equipment that the academy is equipped with, to perfect their expertise in chocolate under the guidance of Callebaut’s specially-trained and renowned chefs and the elite Chocolate Ambassadors Club.

Dhruv Bhatia, Barry Callebaut’s Managing Director, India said “As the most important partner for kitchen and pastry chefs, chocolatiers, bakers and caterers. Callebaut is proud to have been a part of the chef’s community for over 10 years and we owe our customers in India for helping us build our business. We want to provide locals and visitors with the best chocolate making experience. We can and we look forward to serving them even better in this state-of- the-art chocolate academy. Barry Callebaut’s opening of our chocolate factory in Pune last year and now with the upgrading of the Callebaut chocolate academy center in Mumbai, will enable us to be in a better position to capitalize on growth”.
Denis Convert, Vice President of Gourmet Asia Pacific, Barry Callebaut, said, “The opening of the new Callebaut chocolate academy center in India is a symbolic move in promoting our position as a leader in the gourmet chocolate sector in the region. We have improved this training center to cater to the sophisticated needs of our customers here in India”.

Report: Sitaram Mewati