Head to Sofitel Mumbai: Relish Daawat-e-Kashmir

Master Chef Mujeeb-ur-Rehman with Head Chef Jyran – Shadab Ahmed displaying Kashmiri cuisine

There are lots of nice things we want to do, when the weather is nice. One of them is eat a nice meal. And of course this is perfect season to relish Kashmiri food. Sofitel Mumbai BKC has organised Daawat-e-Kashmir, a Kashmiri Food Festival. The festival is launched on Friday, 10th February at Jyran- Tandoor Dining & Lounge for ten days.

Master Chef Mujeeb-ur-Rehman, a descendent of Khansamas of the Wajid Ali Shah
Era has come up with myriad dishes to tantalize the palates with vivid flavors.
He has one and a half decade of experience in innovative culinary skills. He is known for organising Kashmiri food festival all over India and remarkable for his contribution in bringing the wealth of culinary knowledge available in Kashmiri cuisine.

“I have bought all spices, including turmeric, from Kashmir. We have our own taste and we cannot take the risk of mingling up with ingredients”.

“I feel that only those spices brought from homeland could be used to prepare a perfect recipe”, Master Chef Rehman told Mumbai Messenger.

Chef Rehman and Chef Shadab with service staff of Jyran in Kashmiri attire.

Chef Shadab Ahmed, Head Chef Jyran said “The Kashmiri cuisine is one of a kind.
This festival is hosted in order to relish the taste of the most loved cuisines. What makes Kashmiri food special is the preparation. The way every cook puts in the effort, how can the dish not be so tasty and wonderful”.

The restaurant is designed with Kashmiri artefacts. A small Shikara and Kashmiri lantern is placed on every table giving perfect feel of Kashmir ambience. The television set is showcasing exclusive clipping of Kashmir.
Vegetarian delicaies

Vegetarian delicacies served will be Tsaman Warimasala Tikka, Heder Kanti, Rogvan Tsaman and Munjh Mirchi Kovrma and many more.

Non-vegetarian options
Non-vegetarian options will include Gadh Dhaniwal Pasanda, Kukur Lebabdar Tikka, Gadh Mujh, Rogvan Josh, Gushtaba and many more.

The authentic Kashmiri desserts consists of Shufta, Chilgoze Piste Ke Phirini and Chukander E Afroz.

The service staffs were given typical Kashmiri outfits which make you feel that you are relishing hospitality of Kashmiri hosts.

Kashmir’s famous dish Gushtaba

What: Daawat-e-Kashmir, a Kashmiri Food Festival
Where: Sofitel Mumbai BKC
Venue: Jyran
When: Ongoing
Timings: 7 pm onwards
Contact: 6117 5000

Report: “Ram” Sitaram Mewati