Institut français India to renew its focus and approach towards younger audience

La forêt ébouriffée

French production “La forêt ébouriffée” met with a house full of adults and children on its opening night in Delhi much like with its premiere in Chennai. Based on a children’s book, this dazzling journey through a child’s imagination reveals the importance of young audiences in the Institut français India agenda.

Institut français India is determined to renew its focus and approach towards younger audience members. Early exposure to art and culture has a significant effect on the formation of taste and, later on, on citizenship and social qualities. Bringing engaging performances to children, therefore, contributes to their development and encourages creativity in their formative years. Performing arts are also a way to touch a larger audience that includes parents and families.

Children make for a demanding audience; performers need to be able to keep them focused. Companies working in this particular field therefore often use new forms of expression, non-verbal as well as verbal, leaving more space for the imagination, fostering creativity and originality in children.

Institut français India’s 2016 calendar will have events dedicated to children, focusing not only on traditional forms of cultural expression and activities, but also on new tools and practices.

Institut français India is also supporting French participation at events at Indian festivals. In December, IFI will support a French theatre production made for the children from 2 years old at the TIFLI theatre festival in Delhi in December. The production is a fun and innovative mix of sound and games presented through interactive tools.

Created by the French company CFB 451 (Christian and François Ben Aïm), “La forêt ébouriffée” is a dance performance that embarks both adults and children through a dreamlike universe on a journey through childhood. Melusine Thiry, author of the children’s book that inspired the dance performance, also conceptualized video projections that add magic to the choreography.

“La forêt ébouriffée” will be performed in 9 cities in India, between 29 May and 18 June. After many events few are remaining which will be held at Chandigarh – 12 June, Amritsar – 14 June, Calcutta – 17 June and Ahmedabad on 19 June.

Report: Sitaram Mewati