Kalaa Spandan International Art and Photography Festival

Sabir Haque Painting

Indian Art Promoter is presenting Kalaa Spandan International Art & Photography festival in Nehru Centre, Worli from 25th to 28th Feb 11am to 7pm. It will showcase the paintings, sculptures, photographs etc. created by 85 artists in oil, acrylic colors, water colours, mix medium, bronze, fiber marble etc on a common platform to reveal realistic, semi realistic and abstract styles of the realms of life.

Indian art promoter in a Mumbai based online art gallery founded by a philanthropic person who is a connoisseur of arts and crafts, it has invited a NGO – Dharavi Art Room’ to display their children’s art works free of cost in this show. This art promotional institution was started about 25 years ago and over the years, has undertaken the art promotional activities for artistic talents of the underprivileged artisans and artists globally. It also promotes talented contemporary artists along with the emerging and upcoming ones in the present art world on a common platform. It has a broader plan to exhibit various art works to spread the awareness about art in vivid strata of society through such group exhibitions in different parts of India and also the international shows all over the world.

Indian art promoter has also envisaged of including award ceremony in this show for encouraging young and genuine talented artists along with veteran ones like Chandrajit Yadav, Gautam Mukherjii, Jahar Dasgupta, Nayanaa Kanodia, Sudhakar Olwe, Suhas Bahulkar, etc

It is indeed a good opportunity for all art conscious fraternity in the present art world to enjoy and get enlightened by the relevant hues of the artistic works of 85 artists on a common platform for encouraging and promoting their genuine talent and creativity by rendering an overwhelming response for this unique group show.