Let Your Energy Type Guide You

Control Emotions.

Our entire body, down to the tiniest part of you, is truly a bundle and expression of energy. Out in the world, energy is expressed in many ways and through many forms: a glorious sunset, a powerful wave, a roaring river; while inside the body energy is expressed through our digestion, thinking patterns, metabolism and lifestyle choices. Understanding your energy type can help you set and maintain your goals and resolutions.

To align with and be nurtured by nature, we need to understand the qualities and functions of the elements and how they relate to our body and mind. The basic elements are five in number: space, air, fire, water and earth. Earth holds the space and inside that space air, fire and water exist. These elements comprise the entire world. They manifest in many energetic forms like the sun, the wind, rivers and the mountains, and exist inside ourselves to provide a way to reflect on the world around us and to turn inward to reflect on ourselves. The nature of each element affords us the opportunity to assess and understand our lives in a more connected way.

Space: Space represents freedom and healing. It is clear, subtle and vast. In our body, it represents the space between our joints, organs, cranium, cavities and so forth. It is also the space between thoughts and cycles. Space brings mental freedom and possibility but an overly spacy mind will easily forget and be up in the clouds.

Air: All that moves in the body from nerve impulses to the movement of your eyes, lungs and digestive track is air. Air also represents the movements of thoughts, ideas and inspiration. In the mind the air element brings creativity and plenty of ideas, but in excess can have us thinking too much!

Fire: All of our metabolic, enzymatic reactions and transformative processes in the body represent the fire element. In the mind, this fire mediates our ability to learn, comprehend and analyze. It is our passion for life. The fire of intelligence is rewarding but too much can make us critical, impatient and irritable.

Water: The water elements brings moisture to the whole body, allows for smooth movement and circulation of nutrients. It offers softness, compassion and immunity. In the body, it is the lubrication of the joints, digestive track, and sinuses. Water holds emotion and hence we cry when we are emotional. Too much water element in the mind can make us overly emotional.

Earth: Earth is the element we hold in the skin, muscles, bones, hair, teeth and nails. It is solid and firm and thus gives us density, stability, fortitude and strength. Earth helps the mind relax and be calm, steady. Excess of earth in the mind can leave us heavy, stuck or depressed.

To keep it simple, you can look at these basic elemental types to help you understand yourself and what is best for you as you embark on new goals for your conscious life in 2016.