Mumbai to get its biggest destination to indulge in ART at ‘The Art Hub’, Atria Mall, Worli

Ravindra Mardia, Director of ICAC

– Tie-ups with galleries from other cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi etc
– Inaugural Show in May with 200 artists across the country
– 10 Art Galleries, 10,000 sq ft area, 3 Large Art Enclosures, a Cafeteria, a space for Audio – Visual area, Activity Room, Art Library, Art Movies & mmoree..!
– Entries are welcome for the inaugural show commencing in May

These days art is everywhere in Mumbai—from the mural-splashed alleys of Kala Ghoda to the Bollywood billboards presiding over the Colaba traffic, to the décor of the hip, music-filled cafes in Bandra. While more galleries have steadily been opening in recent years with bigger spaces and more prominent names hitting the scene, and greater support from locals and travelers than ever before.

Mumbai has been a contemporary Art Hub for some time, but it’s taken a while for this reputation to spread worldwide. Now, that art from India is plugged into the global art network, and the city has become the focus of the attention, a nearly 10000 sq. ft. area aesthetically designed is all set to inaugurate for the first time in India for creating art consciousness and awareness through discussions, displays, and dialogue with artists, art collectors, art historians and art critics. This milestone is achieved by International Creative Art Centre (ICAC) which is an art centre that promotes emerging artists across different styles and media.

The Art Hub, as the name suggests is the first-of-its–kind space to be developed in the country. Housing 8-10 Art Galleries, 3 Large Art Enclosures, a Cafeteria, a space for Audio – Visual presentation, Activity Room, Art Library, Art Movies & more, the place also has a climate control with electronic security system. The total floor area is of about 10,000 sq ft and has a hanging wall space of about 1,000 running feet. The main aim of ‘The Art Hub’ is to promote emerging talent in Painting, Photography, Print making, Sculpture, Video arts, installation art and anything under the sky related to art. The space is expected to become a centre of art activity, a hub for lectures, demonstrations, talks, and a viewer’s delight. ICAC under the leadership of Mr. Ravindra Mardia, Industrialist cum curator, connoisseur, collector and philanthropist has also planned thematic, curated shows, and consulting sessions for investors and new buyers nationwide.

Ravindra Mardia especially aims to demystify art for first time buyers, providing them the information and guidance they need to explore the fascinating world of art. In a one-of-its-kind initiative ever where artists have been helpless in finding space to exhibit their works owing to limited space and most-importantly the cumbersome booking time which varies from 5 to 7 years for some art galleries in Mumbai, ‘The Art Hub’ through its initiative will host its curated shows every month for deserving artists for free in one of its Art Galleries. A pioneering venture in the financial capital of India, Mumbai, The Art Hub is designed to change the face of art in India. “Carving a space for new upcoming and budding talent is our sole motto,” says Mr. Ravindra Mardia -Director of ICAC, who has been passionate about art since childhood. “We believe in giving platform to young and new artist’s even children to explore their creative side, to assist emerging artists if they wish to put up a solo or group exhibition and to create several opportunities like having art camps for the emerging artists”.

“The Idea is that the debut artist can display their work to the audience and express their innovation ideas for the judgment of the buyer. We sincerely believe in making that profound connection between artist, art and patron, and we look forward to facilitating that experience”, Mr. Mardia adds. Entries were invited for the inaugural show commencing in May at The Art Hub. Almost 200 artists from across the country viz. Delhi, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Lucknow, Jaipur and others have sent their works for the opening show.

The second major factor which gives The Art Hub an upper hand is the tie-ups with various galleries across the country and globe. The Art Hub gives a platform or space to galleries from other cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi and others. Here, the galleries can host their show simultaneously in Mumbai at The Art Hub. “If any artist has a show on at any other gallery and wants to continue at different place then the ‘The Art Hub’ will provide space to exhibit their works. Likewise, galleries across are all set to partner with The Art Hub on quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis. This concept is introduced for the first time in India by ICAC which otherwise very rampant in the West”, explains Mr. Ravindra Mardia, Founder, ICAC and Director, The Art Hub.

ICAC is about – creating the conditions by which great art can happen, and then making sure as many people as possible can engage with the arts and discover what art can do for them. ICAC aims to bring about high quality art and high quality arts experience to serve the people of India by fostering arts of the highest quality through investment, research and advocacy.