“Naturescapes” an Exhibition of Oil & Water colour paintings


A solo exhibition of recent Naturescape paintings by Rahul Sutar has been organised at the Nehru Centre Gallery from February 23-29. Through this exhibition, Rahul offers a view into the abundant natural beauty present in Kokan Coasts. Clean sea water, white sandy beaches, golden paddy fields, lush green valleys, palm trees comes alive on his canvas. Rahul creates a vibrant symphony of colors to highlights atmospheric effects such as brilliant light, strong shadows, rain, mist etc.

While growing up in Aare, a small village near Kolhapur, Rahul observed his father, also a painter, at work. After completing A.T.D. from Kalaniketan Mahavidyalaya, Kolhapur in 2009, Rahul got trained under the able guidance of Sanjay Shelar who taught him various paintings techniques, handling various media, creating perspective, depth, etc. Rahul exclaims, “I have learned a great deal from my Guru. Watching him paint at his studio was like meditation. I would explore new things every single day. I feel blessed to have him as my guide”.

Rahul held his first Solo Exhibition at the Shahu Smarak Bhavan, Kolhapur in 2013 where he met his first Patron Dr. Yashwantrao Thorat who purchased several of Rahul’s work and also encouraged him in developing his skills as a painter. Dr. Thorat states, “Rahul has potential. In a short time I have seen development in his skill and style. I hope that in the process of painting, Rahul also embarks on a journey of self exploration.”

Rahul has participated in State Level exhibitions and has also won 2nd Prize at the Chandrakant Mandre Landscape Competition. Rahul lives and works from Kolhapur.