Overwhelming Response to CGSI walkathon


The unique 5km event Walkathon organized by CGSI (Consumer Guidance Society of India) in association with Juhu Beach Walkers Group and Rotary Club of Juhu this weekend had nearly two thousand enthusiastic participants from all walks of life.

The event coincided with the Golden Jubilee celebrations of CGSI and was focussed on creating awareness about health, wellness and consumer empowerment. Senior citizens and teenagers alike walked the entire distance amidst thunderous applause and cheering by onlookers and local residents. Participation Certificates, Caps, attractive prizes and a lucky draw ensured the fun quotient was at its highest peak at this exciting event.

Expressing his gratitude to the participants Dr.M.S Kamath stated, “An event of this nature is a first of its kind on Juhu Beach. Future events by CGSI include’ Chai pe Charcha ‘ and many more . Events of this nature result in increased awareness and better utilisation of rights and powers by the consumers. Innovation is the key word at CGSI and we will use more exciting formats to engage the consumer.”

Shantilal Gulecha, secretary, Juhu Walkers Group, Chetan Shah Former President of Lions Club of Juhu along with many others dignitaries from CGSI were present at the event. Dr. Sitaram Dixit, Chairman, CGSI conducted milk testing on the 16 samples of the milk collected. In the report he stated all the samples were adulterated and were way below the desired quality levels.

About CGSI:

CGSI, the pioneer consumer organization founded in 1966 has been working for the protection of consumer interests since last so many decades. Its Consumer Complaints Redressal Wing receives plenty of grievances from consumers which the legal aid arm addresses on a weekly basis.

If a valid complaint received, as a practice, CGSI’s Consumer Complaints Redressal wing takes the next step. A letter will be written to the concerned company/party to solve the matter amicably with the complainant. Failing which, the legal arm guides the complainant to move forward with legal remedies. It is a complete consultation and guidance session where each complainant is addressed personally with a nominal fee of Rs 150 to 250 for the service.

CGSI’s other activities include: Consumer education, conducting talks and exhibitions to spread consumer awareness among urban poor and rural areas, testing consumer products and publication of a bi-monthly magazine ‘Keemat.’ Maharashtra State Consumer helpline Toll Free No.-1800-222-262.