Enkutatash: Ethiopian New Year Celebrated wit

Enkutatash, the first day of the Ethiopian New Year was celebrated with much fanfare and gaiety in Mumbai. New Year's Day comes on September 11, which coincides with the end of the season of heavy rains and the beginning of spring. 

The New Year?s revellers from all walks of life from Ethiopia in traditional attires converged at the residence of Temesgen Hordofa Ethiopian consul and Charged Affair in Consulate General of Ethiopia in Mumbai. Teramed Adane, Vice Consul and third secretary, Consulate of Ethiopia in Mumbai was also present.


The crowd included students of Ethiopia who are enrolled in Mumbai?s prestigious institutes like Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Powai, The Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) Mumbai and other institutes of University of Mumbai.Leading business associates of Ethiopia in Mumbai were also present during the celebration.


Ethiopian food:

It may sound unusual but true, entire meal for the New Year celebration was prepared by Temesgen Hordofa?s wife Shewaye Lemma and their daughter personally. Vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes both were part of celebration. The dishes included Wee Dorowet, ye Beg Tibs, Misir wet. Enjera is their special dish which is popular globally. Vegetables and dal were served for vegetarians. Temesgens son and daughter were perfect hosts who were taking care of each and every guest by serving them. Every guest enjoyed their meal.   


Traditional Ethiopian coffee was part of celebration

Ethiopia's coffee ceremony is an integral part of their social and cultural life. Besides authentic Ethiopian meal, Shewaye Lemma also made organized and served traditional Ethiopian coffee. It is worth mentioning here that an invitation to attend a coffee ceremony is considered a mark of friendship or respect and is an excellent example of Ethiopian hospitality. The traditional coffee was prepared in The Jebena, (The Jebena is a container used to brew coffee in the Ethiopian and Eritrean traditional coffee ceremony). The Ethiopian coffee was relished by everyone.  


Temesgen Hordofa Ethiopian consul and Charged Affair in Consulate General of Ethiopia in Mumbai said ?I am posted in Mumbai for last couple of years and I love to arrange Ethiopian New Year celebration for last three years consecutively. It is a moment of pride and togetherness where all the Ethiopian students and others attend the event. It gives me immense pleasure to be with my fellow country people and other dignitaries from Mumbai to enjoy New Year celebration as a family?.   


Teramed adane - Vice Consul and third secretary, Consulate of Ethiopia in Mumbai said ?I am very glad that Temesgen is organising New Year feast in Mumbai for last couple of years. We get to meet fellow countryman, they also feel ease at home to celebrate their new year.  I have always loved speaking with our countryman and others from all over during New Yea celebration . I take great pride in being a part of such a well arranged celebration?.   

Author : Sitaram Mewati - Award Winning Journalist

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