Dr. Sriram Parasuram enlightening the school-heads on the importance of music in education.

The Karadi Path Education Company, a social innovation enterprise that is headquartered in Chennai and works in partnership with state governments, UNICEF, and private schools affiliated to different boards in 20 states of India, organized a seminar on ?Finding Ecstasy in Learning? for educators at Courtyard by Mariott hotel in  Mumbai at Andheri.

The seminar was attended by more than 60 principals and heads from schools all over Mumbai. The event began on an auspicious note with the lightning of the lamp followed by a welcome note. The keynote speaker for the event was Dr. Sriram Parasuram, an eminent classical vocalist, violinist and musicologist who enlightened the school-heads on the importance of music in education, and how it facilitates the teaching of different subjects, and the holistic development of children.

C.P. Viswanath, Co-founder and CEO of Karadi Path explaining various methodologies to school-heads

Dr. Parasuram, started off his lecture-demonstration with a melodious classical rendition invoking the grace of the Guru, or the teacher. Elaborating on the importance of music education, he said, ?Learning is a beautiful activity and it should be made an enjoyable act, and this can take place only when the mind is relaxed.  Children learn effortlessly and are spontaneous to pick up whatever is learned.  Music learning needs to be central to the process of education as it helps children learn all the subjects easily.?

Explaining how developing an auditory sense is very important especially at a time when undue importance is given only to the visual, he said, ?While learning the seven notes in classical music and the way it is assimilated in the raga and the thala, children intuitively comprehend the concepts of distance, subdivision, the number line, averages, calculus, design and pattern, and many more arithmetic principles. The idea of geometry and symmetry are embedded in raga, be it in the form of Western or Indian classical music, or folk and popular film songs. The nomenclature of the raags traces back entire geographies and cultural histories. Music also develops articulation skills and memory. It endows the child with a lot of learning and brings in a sense of humility in them.?

Dr. Parasuram described the connection between music and education by singing ragas and unravelling the complex patterns they conceal. He concluded stating that as teaching and learning are the two sides of the same coin, it is important to be a learner throughout one?s life to be able to teach others. 

Another highlight of the programme was C.P. Viswanath?s session which started off with focus activity that is a part of the Karadi Path class session. The seminar gave emphasis on intuitive, immersive, non-linear, non-instructional learning modal wherethe learner comprehends content at a deep level, learning becomes an unending quest of discovery, and unravelling of worlds of knowledge.

C.P. Viswanath, Co-founder and CEO of Karadi Path said, ?Karadi Path focuses on English language and the various methodologies that would make learning easy, enjoyable and effective.  The aim of the seminar is to connect educators on the same platform to address the various challenges involved in learning and empathize with the learners to come out with a solution.?

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