Sanskriti Jaiin Exhibit painting exhibition at WTC Mumbai

A painting of Sanskruti Jain Nainutia

Some talents are inborn and natural which is inherited from the parents. Similar is the case of Sanskruti Jaiin Nainutia. A young adolescence possess a passion for art since a very young age. After her successful two exhibitions at Nagpur and Meerut, she is putting up her third exhibition in Mumbai. In ongoing exhibition, paintings are inspired from the poems penned by Dr. Harivansh Rai Bacchan . The medium used for these paintings are acrylic and mixed. The strokes of the brushes perfectly depict the idea of the poems and each painting tells a story in itself . 

The current exhibition is held from 23rd to 25th November 2018 at prestigious Expo Centere in World Trade Centre at Mumbai?s Cuffe Parade. Sanskruti, at this young age believes in charity, keeping this in mind, All the proceedings from the sale of paintings will be donated to the NGO to the use for the charity purposes.

About Sanskriti Jain:

Sanskriti, a Nineteen year old talented artist, through constant support of her parents and her loved ones has got various opportunities to showcase her talent.  At the tender age of just 12 years, she organized her first festival at an art gallery in Nagpur. The exhibition was inaugurated by Member of Parliament Vijay Darda, who heads leading Marathi Newspaer Lokmat as editor in chief.  All the proceedings that were collected through this exhibition were given to an NGO named ? Vimalasharam Gharkul?. Sanskruti organized her second exhibition of paintings at an art feast in the city of Meerut in Uttar Pradesh, named ?Kala Utsav?, The national art festival too .  With the guidance and training under Shardul Kadam, a renowned artist.

Sanskriti  inherited and grasped a lot from her parents.  Her father Parrag Jaiin Nainutia, a hard working IAS Officer from Maharastra cadre has always believed in pushing oneself to do their best and ultimately achieving their goals. Her mother Preeeti Jaiin Nainutia working in very similar fields of fashion designing and in literary arts has also encouraged her to peruse her dreams and hobbies since the very beginning.

Author : Sitaram Mewati - Award Winning Journalist

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