Raise a toast to the perfect pair at Marine Plaza

Those who are looking for classic kebabs paired with wines and single malt, Executive Chef Kshitiz Shekhar and Food and Beverage Manager Sagar Kulkarni of Hotel Marine Plaza has created Kebab delicacies which are perfectly paired with flavorful spirits. The wines and single malt with Kebabs pairing is offered at The Bayview & Geoffrey?s during lunch and dinner.  


Double up the flavor quotient with Authentic Kebabs perfectly paired with flavorful spirits. Well experienced Chef Kshitiz Shekhar has designed exclusive kebab creation. It includes Kamal Kakdhi Shikampuri, Atishi Jheenga, Barrah Kebab, Kasundi Rawas and Ghosht Kakori to name a few. So it?s a time for exploring and relishing some the finest Kebabs.

Some facts about wine and single malt pairing:

It may be noted that at the world?s best fine dining restaurants, pairing of food with wine and single malt has always been the tradition. Food pairing with single malts?though a relatively new experience in India?too is becoming popular. In many of the luxury hotels in India, whisky majors are organising engagements with chefs to create a menu that complements the flavours of single malts. For Indian restaurants too, it?s now time to promote this culture.   


Traditionally, these have been considered pre-dinner drinks or sometimes reserved for the end of the evening, paired with cigars. But things are changing rapidly, if you enjoy your single malt, why reserve it for the end? This led to the concept of pairing the Kebabs with single malt and wine is gaining momentum.  


A Brand Ambassador of leading Single Malt Whisky of the World on the condition of anonymity said ?We are helping some of the best restaurants in the country to increase awareness among customers about the pairing of our single malts with different kinds of food. Some of our single malt goes very well with Indian grills, Kebabs and desserts too. But I feel sorry to say that there are hardly any hoteliers from Mumbai approaches us to be a part of this kind of pairing. Delhi and Bangalore takes a lead when it comes to single malt pairing with grills, kebabs and desserts?.  


WHAT: Divine pairing of authentic Kebabs

WHERE: Hotel Marine Plaza

VENUE: The Bayview & Geoffrey?s

WHEN: Ongoing till 7th December, 2018

PRICE: A La Carte Menu
TIME: 11.00 to 03:00 pm ? 07.00 pm to 11.00 pm 

CONTACT: 2285 1212   

Author : Sitaram Mewati - Award Winning Journalist

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