Iconic Taj Mahal Palace offers Most Expensive New Years Eve Package at Rs. 2 Lakh

India’s grandest and oldest five star hotel, Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai overlooking the  the Arabian Sea at Gateway of India is offering two most expensive New Year's Eve package. Priced at Rs. 2 lakh for a couple and Rs.2,50,000 for a table seating 8 people, the offer is quite tempting considering the historic setting and luxurious service the Taj hospitality offers. 


The first package for a couple priced at Rs. 2 lakh, would be organised at The Taj Mahal Palace hotels glamorous, Casablanca Private Dining Area which is located on the top floor of the hotels tower wing. The second package which is priced at Rs. 2.50 lakhs is being organised at Chef’s studio.


A gorgeous candle light dinner set-up will be arranged at Casablanca with handpicked flower arrangements. High end premium beverages including a bottle of Dom Perignon Rose or Luxor Gold Brut Champagne will be offered as part of the package.


A specially crafted seven course Mediterranean menu will be served at Casablanca. Dinner will be served in Italian luxury brand, Versace’s crockery and cutlery at the Casablanca. Guests can customise the music of their own choice and experience a bespoke musical evening. Guests also have an access to witness a live belly dancing performance and dance to the tunes of a live Dj at the Dance floor.


Chef's Studio is a private dining room for 6-8 people located on the first floor of the Palace wing. There would be live cooking being prepared in presence of guests. The guests can watch live cooking of dishes being prepared by chef’s via a see through glass wall erected between the kitchen and dining area.  


Executive Chef Amit Chowdhury, of Taj Mahal Palace hotel in consultation with guests will curate bespoke exclusive menu’s of their choices. The food menu can be decided from five different cuisines (Continental, Indian, Asian, Japanese and Mediterranean). The beverages at Chef’s Studio includes a bottle of Dom perignon or Luxor Gold Brut and all unlimited leading premium brands to choose from, which is included in the package. The guests can enjoy a live DJ and a dance at The Ball Room too. They can also experience the Countdown to New Year’s Eve which is also included in the package.  


It may be noted that Chef Studio is very well known amongst the country’s top industrialists, diplomats, celebrities and the creme de la creme of various fields. The venue is always used for milestone events. As the iconic palace hotel celebrates 115 years this month, looks like NYE 2019 is sure set to be a grand affair of sorts.

Author : Sitaram Mewati - Award Winning Journalist

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