Film actress Madhoo who is known for her best role in film Roza and Phool Aur Kaante is making a comeback with Horror Comedy - Khalli Balli.  It may be noted that Madhoo moved to doing South cinema and would make appearances in Hindi cinema once in a while. Khalli Balli is produced by Kamal Kishor Mishra of One Entertainment Film Production and Prachi Movies and Directed by Manoj Sharma.


The actress recalls her last Hindi film Love U,  Mr. Kalakaar with Rajshri Films and her Hindi TV Serial Aarambh which made her a household name two years ago. The actress is now all excited about this Horror Comedy and can't stop gushing about it, "These are interesting times for filmmakers and actors with some great work being done as web series, short films and content driven cinema. When I got offered this horror-comedy, I couldn't believe the detailed work our director Manoj Sharma had done. The screenplay is so well etched out that I could visualise the film scene by scene. There was no way saying no to this one."

Talking to Mumbai Messenger about her latest offing she says, "I don't know why people keeping terming things. This is not a comeback, I never went away. I have been doing enough work, and challenging ones at that." There's enough truth and more in Madhoo's statement for the actress has been a part of some great films in the South, has had an amazing year.

Author : Sitaram Mewati

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