Her Excellency, Chamari Rodrigo, Consul General of Sri Lanka in Mumbai.


After tourist attack in Sri Lanka on 21st April, 2019 tourist industry came to standstill. Many western countries including India issued travel advisory to stop visiting the country. The Sri Lankan government has taken strong steps in curbing and eradicating terrorism from its soil. All schools, institutions and top markets being functional. The tourist flow to Sri Lanka is increasing gradually.

Sri Lanka has a strong will power to combat terrorism and now life has come to normal. Now China has relaxed the travel advisory imposed on Sri Lanka, following the 04/21 terror attack. Beside China other countries are on the verge of lifting travel advisory.

Now tourists have started visiting Sri Lanka from various countries. All the hotels have enhanced their security and taking all the measures for the safety and security of tourists.

Chamari Rodrigo, Consul General of Sri Lanka in Mumbai said "current two months are slack period for tourism industry in Sri Lanka but we are optimistic that tourist flow will certainly improve in coming months. Schools are started functioning and complete normalcy is visible in the area. The tourists should remove fear from their mind and visit Sri Lanka. Safety and security of every tourist is of paramount importance to us and our government has taken keen initiative in this regard. Adequate initiative has taken to avoid these types of incidence to reoccur?.

CG Rodrigo further added "Sri Lanka tourism is organising fam tour to Indian journalist who can visit the country and share their first hand opinion and experience to Indian public?.

She further said "We appeal to Indian tourists to remove fear factor from their mind and enjoy land of many tourists? attractions. Tourists from India are most welcome to visit Sri Lanka and enjoy their journey, visit various tourist destinations?.

Pankaj Sampat Area Director ? Taj Samudra Hotel Colombo (Taj Group of Hotels Sri Lanka, Maldives and Malaysia) said "Sri Lanka is quite safe as of now and has seen positive trends, off late. Things are recovering slowly and gradually and it is quite safe as of now. Queries for room bookings have also increased and guest inventory is grown in last couple of days?.

Bandula Jaysekara, former Editor of leading newspaper in Sri Lanka and former Diplomat said "Forget the terrorists. Sri Lanka is still paradise. People are friendly and nice. This is the Island of Serendipity. Be serendipitous. Once in Sri Lanka, you will have memorable experience of extraordinary tourist places which are historical and have listed in UNESCO World Heritage list. Besides, there are numerous tourist destination for the people of all age".  

Author : Sitaram Mewati

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