John Amaratunga Sri Lankan tourism minister visited Mumbai to promote his country as a most safe destination for tourists. In an effort to restore the Sri Lankan tourism following the Easter attacks in April.

Amaratunga speaking on the sidelines of an event in Mumbai's ITC Grand Central Hotel said "Sri Lanka is absolutely safe and I can guarantee you my country to be very safe place.  I am updating you based on the reports from our military; there is absolute peace in the country. Sri Lanka is India's closest neighbour and has many destinations from ancient heritage to most modern places to attract all kind of tourist's elders to youngsters, he told this reporter.

It maybe noted that PM Narendra Modi is first Global leader who visited Sri Lanka after the attacks. He visited church and other places where attack took place. Speaking on the sidelines of a media meet, Amaratunga said “PM Modi's visit to our country has significantly heightened and boosted the importance for global tourists who can choose Sri Lanka as their next tourist destination”.

The Indian PM's visit has eradicated fear in the Indian and foreign tourists and it is bound help revival of Sri Lankan tourism. He came and there was no risk in it. He also visited some of the churches that were damaged and it was very successful visit," added Amaratunga.

"Sri Lanka is completely safe. I can give you that guarantee. I am speaking based on the reports from our military and other intelligence agencies who are keeping track on eradicating terrorism from the country. There is absolute harmony and peace in the country," Amaratunga told Mumbai Messenger.

Kishu Gomes, chairman of Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Board told Mumbai Messenger that “As per case studies, not only Sri Lanka but many other western countries were also targeted by terrorists in recent past, but they took long time to recover from it. Sri Lanka has overcome from that situation and bounced back within a month. We are fully recovered and geared up to welcome tourists at our soil”.

Kishu Gomes further elaborated that "Sri Lanka's security agencies are in full control of handling all situations that arised out of attack. These agencies announced it on various media channels that can be watched on youtube too. The intelligence agencies, police and armed forces are confident that the situation in Sri Lanka is absolutely safe. There can be debates as it is a free country. The country is now normal and it is business as usual”.  

He also added that “Lonely planet has also described Sri Lanka as best tourist destination in 2019. There is no problem at all. So come and visit Sri Lanka".

It maybe noted that nine suicide bombers carried out a series of devastating blasts across three churches and three luxury hotels on Easter, killing more than 250 people. The after effect was terrible and all the tourists and business activities came to standstill. Things are becoming normal now, as 12 countries have relaxed travel advisory including India. 


Author : Sitaram Mewati

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