Dr. Yogesh Lakhani India’s leading outdoor media houses Bright Outdoor Media’s Managing Director conferred a Phd. Degree. It is known as Philosophiae Doctor Honoris Causa (HC) in Business Management. Dr. Yogesh Lakhani is one of the pioneers in outdoor media.


The doctorate degree namely Philosophiae Doctor Honoris Causa (HC) in Business Management was conferred to him in by Dr. John Thomes Prade of Sorbonne University, France. 


The event ceremony was held at Ashok Hotel in New Delhi. The event was well patronized and was attended by diplomats, corporate leaders, high profile  and leading personalities from India and abroad.


About Dr. Yogendra Lakhani

Dr. Yogesh Lakhani is a CMD of Bright Outdoor media, a leading outdoor publicity company established in 1980. After completion of his Matriculation exam, he started as slide delivery boy in 1980. In a month’s time, he started his own business of cinema slides without any support. The only thing which he had in his mind was, a dream to achieve an  "Impossible Mission", a burning desire to achieve it.

He always believes that if the vision is clear the future is Bright. From 1980 to 1987 he did all types of jobs in cinema slides, railway boards, kiosks, press ads and banner fixing. He went days without food and had sleepless nights to put up the first hoarding of his life at Malad railway station on platform No 4, on behalf of his client in 1988. His company was established in a small office space of garage in 1988, which was demolished in few months. Thereby, he took up a Table space in Malad in 1990. Over the past three decades, Bright has grown immensely. It is recognized as a foremost service provider and expanding their wings nationally in various cities.

As far as his business is concerned Yogesh Lakhani Says  "Nobody Mumbai like Bright. We are the privileged agency to proudly boast of having 700 exclusive hoardings in Mumbai and it’s suburban. Success is not just a matter of desire but a product of hard work and I have really worked hard to achieve it". 

Author : Sitaram Mewati

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