A Buddhist seminar namely Bauddhik Sangoshthi was organised by Ambedkarites like minded association on August 2nd, 2019 at Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh. The seminar was attended by top personailities that included intellectuals, officers, employees, social workers and many leading organisations that believes and follows Buddhism.


The seminar was convened by leading social activist Painthar Dhaniram Baudh. It was presided over by Dr. Leela Prasad, Ex CMO. Subachan Ram IRS Principal Chief Commissioner of income tax Allahabad was Chief Guest of the event. Prem Prakash-IPS, Additionanal Director General of Police, many more seasoned and top personailities addressed the august gathering.  

The main objective of organising the seminar was regarding upliftment of downtrodden people about socio-economic and socio-cultural front. The venue was completely full with audience who were thrilled to hear speech from seasoned bureaucrats and other intelectuals, all under one roof.


Subachan Ram Principal Chief Commissioner of income tax  in his presidential  speech said “A person or a society who have its own collective, social, economic, political and political purpose, initially he works for the other, strengthens others and then he becomes a slave to them”.

Naresh Kumar Balmiki, one of the audiences who attended the event said “It was such a wonderful moment to attend this event where such a celebrated speakers spoke openly with their indepth knowledge. I was really impressed with speech of Shri Subachan Ram, who put forward his points with valid thoughts and realitiy. He was so open and thoroughly explained valuable information which was never discussed by anyone”.   

The audiences applauded speeches of all the speakers. No sooner event was over; there was a rush to take selfies with dignitaries. All dignitaries happily obliged the audiences.

Author : Sitaram Mewati

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