Ramji Gulati storms the chartbuster list with “Dhoop Mein Na Chal”


Singer Ramji Gulati has been basking in the success of his all-new super hit single “Dhoop Mein Na Chal” ever since it was launched worldwide a couple of days ago on YouTube and other music platforms. The song has become a massive rage and is being heard & played on loop among the youth.

Ramji Gulati who has also composed the music and written the lyrics for the song says he is elated & overwhelmed by the fantastic and humongous response his song has received and is being praised not just in India but globally too. The singer who has constantly churned out tracks in the past which have been instant chartbusters has stormed the music charts worldwide once again with this incredibly soulful & youthful single.
Ramji Gulati, Singer & Lyricist says “The music you listen to in your youthful days stays with you throughout your life & with Dhoop Mein Na Chal, I have tried to bring that aura & connect with the youth and am glad it seems to have been received very well.”

Report: Sitaram Mewati