Residents win: Three illegal 4G towers from Lokhandwala removed by Reliance

(L-R) Shalini Thackeray, Kunika Sadanand, Prakash Munshi

The residents of Lokhandwala complex have a reason to cheer. Their sustained efforts have finally borne fruit. After four months of putting persistent pressure on Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), Reliance Jio has finally taken down 4G tower from garden no. 5 which was illegally installed without aking permission from concerned officials. The residents were opposed to a proposed Reliance Jio 4G towers at the Celebrations Club located opposite their residential complex. These towers were located behind Green Acres building.

Neelam Bhatt a Green Acres resident said “We would like to congratulate all of us in winning this fight for our rights. Our sustained efforts have finally borne fruit. We are not against technology but not at the price of life of any human being. These should not be erected in non residential areas, hospitals or parks. All are well aware of harmful effects of radiation. We cannot see radiation or feel it for a long time. Many residents have complained of eye problems, which their doctor said was due to radiation”.

She further added “We were not alone to fight this battle but got a support from various quarters and activists. We are thankful to Shalini Thackeray and her team, Ashoke Pandit, Prakash Munshi and Kunicka Sadanand. They have supported our movement and were available as and when required”.

Shalini Thackeray who took active initiative for removal of illegal towers said “The technology is need of the hour and has to be there, if we want to compete with the World but not at the cost of citizens health. We were against of place where these towers were erected. One tower out of four was installed at the playground which is visited by children and senior citizens daily and other two on CRZ land behind the residential buildings without taking consent of concerned authorities. It is a known fact that children and elderly are prone to get affected of microwaves emerges from towers so we have opposed it”.

Kuunika Sadanand prominent social activist and actor said “These towers were illegal and were serious health hazard for the locals and were erected in connivance of management of celebration club without obtaining requisite permission from the competent authorities. The residents have opposed these and have done peaceful protest March. I am thankful to media and local residents they supported us in our protest. The long battle is fruitful and outcome turnout to be positive at the end”.

Prakash Munshi activist, who is known for creating awareness on Health Hazards from EMF radiation, said “World Health Organisation in May 2011released a report in which it mentioned the mobile phone radiation has been classified as possibly carcinogenic to humans based on increased risk for giloma (a malignant type of brain cancer) and is suspected to also pose other health problems. Some so called intellectuals says it is not harmful than show the proof? If they are unable to prove proof it is harmful. The towers were not installed as per the guidelines given by the BMC. They first need to take permission from BMC before installation and it should not be at close proximity to the residential buildings and play grounds and schools”.mmn

Report: Sitaram Mewati