Savour Bengali Food Festival at The Leela Mumbai

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The cold wave in Mumbai city is going to have the mesmerizing aroma of Bengali Food. The Leela Mumbai, well known for continuing its tradition of organising regional cuisine, introduces an exclusive Bengali Food Festival at Jamavar at their award winning signature Indian Restaurant.

chef surendra
Corporate Indian Chef Surender Mohan- The Leela Hotels
Corporate Indian Chef Surender Mohan and his team have crafted the menu to beautifully blend the subtle flavours and create the wonderful sojourn of both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. The lavishing spread of delicacies includes appetizers like Mochar Chop, Piyaz Postor Bora, Tawa Pomfret, Mangsher Chop to name a few. Main course includes like Shukto, Pyaj Aloo Posto, E’chorer Kofta, Potoler Dorma, Dhokar Dalna, Galda Chingrir Kasarji, Rui Macher Jhol, Ilish Bhapa , Kasha Mangsho, Narkel Diye Cholar Dal, Rajokiyo Radha Ballabi, Motor Shutir Kochuri, Morich Mangsho, Mangsho Polao, Chingri Polao and lots more.The specially crafted menu also features a wide selection of classic desserts like Raj Bhog, Misti Doi, Patishapta and Monolobha Maalpoa.

Chef Surender Mohan says “Bengali cuisine is one of India’s finest and distinctive cuisines which have enormous vairities of mouth watering vegetarian as well as non vegetarian delicacies. The mumbaikar’s would get to experience a spectacular taste of Bengali cuisine. If you have the mind, the heart, the taste to explore, you will find an enormous variety in a cuisine where richness and subtlety are closely interwoven.

Abhishek Basu, Executive Assistant Manager – Food and Beverage, The Leela Mumbai
Abhishek Basu, Executive Assistant Manager – Food and Beverage, The Leela Mumbai says “It’s great to connect to ones childhood with food. The memories I carry of Kolkata when I was a child come revisiting with the wide array of choices on offer. Chef has done a marvellous job of creating the path to a true Bengali’s heart – via food. The Bengali Food Festival at The Leela Mumbai will be a treat for the food connoisseur who will be able to experience an authentic Bengali spread. This festival brings together authentic flavours and traditional recipes from the city of Joy”.
So it’s a time to visit Jamavar and give your taste buds a royal treat.

What: Bengali Food Festival
Where: The Leela Mumbai
Venue: Jamavar
When: ongoing till 30th January 2016
Timings: 19:00 to midnight
Contact: 6691 1350 / 51

Report: “Ram” Sitaram Mewati