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Fire Brigade to begin Fire Audit in Hotels, Malls and Restaurants

Mumbai , Maharashtra Sitaram Mewati 2019-01-03

Those hotels and malls which are compromising on fire safety of their guests and employees can be in tight spot if they are not following standard operating procedures of fire fighting. After hectic fire fighting schedule during New Year’s Eve, Mumbai Fire Brigade (MFB) is gearing up to do a quick survey on fire safety in city hotels, Malls and restaurants. The initiative will be a deterrent to those who are not taking adequate steps in public safety. After so many incidences in recent past, Fire officers are not in compromising mood of public safety. The fire department will serve a short notice if they found any irregularities in fire fighting systems. If any hotelier doesn't follow the prescribed procedures, despite notice, strict action and penalties can be levied including temporary suspension of license.  


One of the highly placed bureaucrat placed in Mantralaya on the condition of anonymity said "The final draft on hotels, malls and restaurants survey is already completed. The framed rules and directives needs to be strictly adhered to. The draft on fire safety note is forwarded to Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to take immediate initiatives. Hopefully, fire security drive will commence very soon. Government is duty bound for safety and security of every citizen."


It may be noted several fires took place in Mumbai in recent past causing causalities of human life. It sent shock waves among all citizens and they were feeling unsafe to visit hotels and restaurants. After Kamla Mill incident almost all luxury hotels in the city took immediate initiative to take call on fire safety. They appointed fire fighting specialists to take urgent steps to avoid occurrence of fire and safety measures. Now almost all hotels are doing regular drills to avoid any untoward incidences due to human error or negligence.    


One of the fire officers on the condition of anonymity says "Hotel fires require quick, effective action and firefighting operations. Hotel fires present unique challenges for fire departments. Hotels are occupied by people who likely have little knowledge of the building's layout and egress paths, are unfamiliar with the building's emergency procedures and alarm indications, and may be delayed in exiting because they are asleep, impaired or simply ignoring evacuation alarms. It will almost certainly be difficult to gain an accurate accounting of the number of people in the building at the time of the incident".


Amol Yadav, Deputy Municipal Commissioner NMMC said "We are doing regular fire audit of all hotels and public places periodically. If we found any irregularities, we warn them for negligence. If they didn't get things done as per procedure, we take strict action that includes by cancelling their license. Earlier, there was inadequate staff in Navi Mumbai Fire Brigade but in recent employment drive, all the posts of fireman are filled. Now we are fully geared up for fire audit which will commence soon".  


Ajoy Balkrishna, General Manager of Radisson Hotel Goregaon says "Safety and security of every guests and staff is paramount importance to us. We have installed state of the art Fire Fighting systems of Global standard. Even a small smoke in any corner of the hotel can be detected through fire sensor installed in every corner. We keep on inspecting the entire Fire Exit points on regualar basis. We have also appointed a contractor to keep regular checks on fire fighting equipments".


Ajoy further added "We also carry out fire fighting drills regularly to make our staff and management team to be fire fighting friendly in case of emergencies. During Ney Year Eve celebration, as a precautionary measure, we deputed expert fire fighting professional to avoid any untoward incidences. We adhered to Global standard of Fire fighting safety".  


Salil Fadnis, Deputy General Manager Hotel Sahara Star says "A hotel commencement is approved by Fire Brigade, only if it is constructed as per Fire Safety System code and carries required Fire Fighting Appliances approved by the concerned authority. We have gone through a strict process to be a fire compliance organization. Our hotel is fitted with various types of fire retardant and fire fighting equipments so as to fight any kind of fire and extinguish it as soon as possible".

Salil further added "An expert certified fire officer who is appointed in our management team, who has done a specialised fire fighting course from government certified institute. He ensures fire safety drill takes place every month. Each and every management team memers and employees compulsorily takes part in it. Our hotel will never compromise as far as safety of guest and employees are concerned. High standard fire extinguishers are placed at strategic points. Besides, we also have state of the art fire sensor and fire fighting equipments of Global standard".

Author : Sitaram Mewati - Award Winning Journalist
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