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Mumbai , Maharashtra Sitaram Mewati 2019-04-11

Asia Society India Centre organising a panel discussion namely Co-Creating Gender Equality. The panel discussion would on promoting gender equality in Indian workplaces, involving more women in decision making roles and understanding challenges faced by employers and employees in the modern-day Indian workforce. The discussion will take place on Wednesday, April 17th, from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm at Alhambra, St Regis Hotel, Lower Parel, Mumbai.


The panel consists of stalwarts from many leading areas that includes Ameera Shah, Managing Director - Metropolis Healthcare Ltd, Animesh Kumar - Chief People Officer, Zee Entertainment, Kerry Sain - Executive Managing Director - 13D Global Strategy & Research and Ravinder Kaur - Professor of Sociology, IIT Delhi. The panel discussion would be moderated by Monica Ralli - Chief Marketing Officer, 13D Global Strategy & Research.


About Asia Society:

Asia Society Founded in 1956, is the leading educational organization dedicated to promoting mutual understanding and strengthening partnerships among peoples, leaders and institutions of Asia and the United States in a global context. Across the fields of arts, business, culture, education, and policy, the Society provides insight, generates ideas, and promotes collaboration to address present challenges and create a shared future.

Asia Society India Centre was inaugurated in 2006 by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and has hosted over 500 events since its inception, establishing itself as a leading public education platform. It enhances dialogue, encourages creative expression and generates ideas in the areas of business and policy, and arts and culture. Beside Mumbai, The Asia society also has offices in Hong Kong, Houston, Los Angeles, Manila, Melbourne, New York, San Francisco, Seoul, Shanghai, Tokyo, Washington, DC and Zurich.

Author : Sitaram Mewati - Award Winning Journalist
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