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Travel & Work: A Journey into Bollywood's

Mumbai , Maharashtra Sitaram Mewati 2018-09-03

Hello again! You’re back I see. So last time I talked about the astoundingly beautiful airport in Mumbai, where I got this awe feeling. So many actors from all over the world came through the same doors. Think of all the people who spread the good word and spiritualism, who also came through that same airport into the land of fame, opportunities, and masti! Yeaah! The word masti (fun) is not what you might think. My journey to the wonderful family Sahani was a constant flow of scenes and sounds racing in front of my eyes. People crossing the streets, rikshaws honking their horns as if that would solve any traffic problems, food stalls, and the famous bling jewelry stores. Streets were filled with food stalls on both sides of the narrow roads we passed. So many people surrounding the vendor, who is showing them his best packing and cooking skills so he could sell better than his fellow brothers.

What a view, it was, watching the dhobi’s (washerman or laundryman) with these big bulky sacks of clothing on his bicycle and another bag on his head. I thought to myself, such a hard-working community. This is exactly what I’ve seen in movies. I asked my host: “Sir, why do people keep honking the horns. How would you know if the honking is meant to watch out for you or for someone else?”  He started laughing. I think he knows that it doesn’t make any difference. Still, on our way to the apartment building, he showed us a few famous Bollywood bungalows. We passed the legend Amitabh Bachchan’s bungalow. I saw a line of people in front of his house, standing by the gate where a plaque is attached to the building. They were taking pictures and probably some videos. We also passed a few more actors’ bungalows. All of them were grand, shiny and securely fenced with high brick walls. I could imagine the curiosity of the local people as I too, started to think… what paradise might lay behind these walls?

Mumbai, the city of dreams and hope, you’ve touched my heart in a way I can’t easily describe in words. From the poor people sleeping on the pakha (pedestrian path), waiting for someone to feed or clothe them, to the rich bijanes men (businessmen) and famous actors. The huge Ashoka trees popping out everywhere I looked as if they were the big giants protecting the buildings from pollution. It came to my knowledge that Mumbai is a constant force of energy, never stopping, never still.  Upon reaching our apartment, I noticed beautiful lanes with the black and yellow rickshaws standing on both sides of the brick road. At the entrée of the building, there was a beautiful Ganesha mandir. I assumed the building residents paid respect upon entering. After a long bath and a good vegetarian food, I took rest and looked forward to the next morning.

So usually, the first thing I do in the mo9rning, is wake up, get out of bed and open the curtains and windows, to breath in fresh air and to feel the cool breeze. Yeah… that pretty much did not happen. I did open the window and the curtains, just to get a better view of the building right across us, as I was told that Shreya Ghoshal lived there, but closed it as quickly as I could. I forgot… Mumbai Meri Jaan… you need a clean-up fast! Shocked as I stood there by the window, I looked down. There were these happy kids playing cricket and tag, while it was a good 38 degrees celsius at 10:00 a.m. I sighed… took a step back and talked to myself. “Priya, you’re here for a reason. Finish your goal, aur Ghar chalo …” lol…

My host and his family were the best things that happened to me in Mumbai. His lovely wife Poonam, his daughter Resham and their son Rohan, were like the family I missed back home. From the girl gossip to the didi (big sister) treatment I could enjoy at their home, waw… I never felt this much appreciated. So the first day we decided to go to Goregaon, which is a suburb in the Mumbai city, in the Mumbai Suburban district of India, state Maharashtra. Again, my eyes tried to follow up with everything I got to see, but I do have to say… time flies in Mumbai. Let’s talk about Kangana Ranaut’s meeting in the next blog… 

Author : Sitaram Mewati - Award Winning Journalist
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