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Fastey fasaatey: A Romantic Comedy film ready to launch

Mumbai , Maharashtra Sitaram Mewati 2019-06-12

Fastey fasaatey a new film is ready to release on 21st June, 2019. This film is certainly going to make audience cheerful. There is all kind of complete entertainment material added to it. And surprisingly there is no villain in the film. Every character of the film trapped into controversies due to their own mistakes or mischievousness.


The film is giving the feeling of a Romantic Comedy & people are loving the story line which is set in the backdrop of a traditional family who want to ‘forcibly’ get their son Aakash married immediately while he tries to buy time to set his love life in order with a free spirited girl Anisha who has her own pursuits in life and is not thinking of getting married anytime soon. How Aakash walks the thin line with the help of his friend Dev and saves the day.


Amit Agarwal, who wears director's cap for his debut film Fastey Fasaatey says he consciously choose a simple and relatable subject for his Film where he can cast fresh faces. 

Amit Agarwal director of film says "Fastey Fasaatey is a very relatable story told in a simple way.  The simplicity and relatability are the only two factors that I wanted to make this Film as my first film”.

He added “There is romance, friendship, humour and family drama in it; I am sure that audiences will completely relate to story and characters”.  

Amit further elaborated "I narrated the script individually to all the cast and head of departments and all came on board. For me to have the best technicians team was the biggest priority as myself being a debutant, I needed their support. Our all technicians did their best to make this film good. Somewhere I am very satisfied. Censor people also gave me a big compliment after watching it".


The film is produced by Charu Sumit Garg & Amit Agarwal under the banner of Xpression Films. It is directed by Debutant Director Amit Agarwal and distributed by Venus Worldwide Entertainment Pvt Ltd. The film is released by Venus and will be in the cinema on21st June 2019.

The main cast of film is Arpit Chaudhary, Karishma Sharma and Nachiket Narvekar whereas supporting cast includes Amitabh Srivastava, Neeta Mohindra, Sharib Hashmi, Anusha Jain, Ashu Sharma, Taranjit Kaur, Bijay Anand, Rajesh Jais and V M Badola. 

Author : Sitaram Mewati - Award Winning Journalist
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