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Mumbai , Maharashtra Sitaram Mewati 2019-08-03

Gajanan Kirtikar one of the senior-most politician and two time Shiv Sena Member of Parliament (MP) from Mumbai, recently met Kiran Rijiju Union Sports and Youth Welfare Minister at his office in New Delhi. He handed over a letter demanding jobs for players of traditionally Indian sports like kabaddi, bodybuilding and kho-kho in all government and semi-government establishments. During the meeting with minister, he also emphasized that gymnasiums should be exempted from the GST ambit.


In his letter he mentioned that players are suffering due to the disregard for the Indian Games and due to the government rules. He pointed out the classification of type of sports being played in the country and its adverse effects on Indian sports. He emphasised that sports like Kabaddi, Bodybuilding and Kho-Kho should be given special status so more funds can be made available to raise the status of these games. He pointed to minister, in sports, such as bodybuilding and weight lifting; players have to go to the gymnasium. Now like sports kabaddi, bodybuilding and kho-kho also comes in GST ambit, making these sports expensive. He demanded that GST should be exempted for Gymnasiums, so it would become affordable for players.  


MP Gajanan Kirtikar has a vast experience in the labor movement through the Local Lokayukta Samiti (Sthaniy Lokadhikar Samiti). In his letter, he insisted on hiring players in government and semi-governmental establishments and these establishments should include games like KabaddI. He suggested on team formation and recruitment of players in all government establishments. It will increase the percentage of players in the recruitment and help raise the standard of living of players, as well as CSRs from government and private companies. He also highlighted that sports organizations faces many difficulties in obtaining funds for sports activities. Often the funds are not made available through the companies even when all necessary requirements are fulfilled. He said that if central government instructs all such companies, huge funds can be available for all three sports.   

It will boost morale of players and encourage more people, not only from rural areas but from urban areas too.


Kiran Rijiju, Union Sports and Youth Welfare Minister responded in positive manner to MP Gajanan Kirtikar’s demand. He said that we should organize a meeting of the top associations of Kabaddi, Bodybuilding and Kho-Kho sports across the country. Rijiju assured tha, appropriate decision would be taken with regards to MP's demand. MP Gajanan Kirtikar is the President and Member of the Maharashtra Kabaddi Association, in a recently concluded Kabaddi Divas in his presidential speech said "He would do his best to rescue Kabaddi and other Indian sports. In a meeting with minister, I apprised him all the difficulties. This is a first step and beginning of a movement". 

Author : Sitaram Mewati - Award Winning Journalist
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