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Mumbai , Maharashtra Sitaram Mewati 2019-08-15

It's a universal truth that satellite news channels are declining day by day. Seasoned Journalist Aditya Kumar saw the declining trend and condition of satellite news channels very closely. Keeping that in mind; he envisaged and felt that there is a need to tap latest market trend with change in priorities of viewers.


It may be noted that with the advancement of smartphone technology and 4G, younger generations begin to consume news in digital format. Currently, 80 percent of Indians consume news in a digital format primarily through social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


It is worth mentioning that, in this competitive world, one needs to be very optimistic and offer most modern trends to techno-savvy masses. Aditya felt that he should offer ongoing trends. He launched his YouTube channel on which he would put up his feature story and slowly built up his new portal – Telly Chaska. His far-reaching web of connections and deep relationships with celebrities laid the foundation for the success of Telly Chaska. For the sake of fun, he starts uploading his travel video and food review on his YouTube channel - Travel Legend along with the web-portal which has now turned commercial.


A seasoned journalist Aditya Kumar has worked as a journalist for more than 14 years out which he held a senior position for a decade with leading news channel, Sahara. Today, he has 3 new portals under all which are withstanding the turbulent time in digital Journalism. The renowned journalist is now shifting his gear towards a new raising platform and has great plans for his news portals.

Author : Sitaram Mewati - Award Winning Journalist
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