Sky is not the limit for a chef; Switching over from making multi cuisine to make bulk ingredients

Vivek Huria (center) with Celebrity Grand Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

Vivek Huria – Corporate Chef – (ANGT LLC) Dubai
Ingredients are the basic grassroots of any recipe. Chef Vivek Huria who designed and made amazing food for luxury hotels for more than two and half decades, is now all set to spread the real taste of ingredients which are used in making fascinating & mouth watering cuisines all over the world.

Vivek Huria is a corporate chef of ANGT LLC, Dubai – The ANGT is food company which is well known for their food ingredients, ready to eat & curry base products. Huria has done his schooling from St. Michael Convent and Kendriya Vidyalaya both based in Patna Bihar. He completed his hotel management degree from Indian Institute Business Management (IIBM) 1986, and also completed Bachelor of Arts from Osmania University. With the vast experience of more than 27 years of serving Luxury hotels, he switched over to the field of Marketing to explore his capabilities & expertise, to enhance experience and utilize the knowledge. His current job includes cooking demonstrations, training and development of his subordinates, convincing the executive chefs through his skills and knowledge. He is also focussing on understanding the business strategies and setting targets. He is responsible to develop & attract new clients in Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa for further growth and the betterment of their business.
In conversation with senior journalist Sitaram Mewati.

What made you to join hospitality industry?
I am a first entrant in my entire family to be a part of hospitality industry. While pursuing my higher secondary education, I was looking for best options to shape up my future in a planned manner and in a different arena. In 1980’s, there was a craze for hotel management course. My brother in law who was a professor at an Indian Institute of Business Management (IIBM), PATNA, he suggested me to opt for a catering course. The IIBM also offered 3 years hotel management diploma, after a fair research for future prospects, I took a decision of joining hotel school. I am happy on my decision which has taken an appropriate shape and I am happily a part of the hotel industry.

Have you faced any difficulties at the beginning of your career?
No matter which industry you choose your career in, there are some hurdles or difficulties erupt at initial stage. If you run away from difficulties, you can’t be a successful. Initially there were some difficulties but I was firm to overcome them. Slowly and gradually, I built my strong foundation so all difficulties were vanished in very short span.

Can you share your association with hotels?
I am fortunate to start my career with world’s prominent Indian hotel brand, The Oberoi Tower in Mumbai, and rest everything is history. Thereafter, I climbed up ladder of success and never looked back. To be precise, and fortunately I have worked for prominent and leading global brands. Post Oberoi, I got my first International exposure in Japanese cuisine and trained at Grand Hyatt Fukuoka, Japan. I did Tandoori food promotion at Hotel Hyatt Regency Perth in Australia, worked at Hyatt Regency – New Delhi, Radisson Hotel – Gurgaon, Le Royal Meridien – Mumbai, Intercontinental The Grand Mumbai, Hilton Ras Al Khaima – UAE, Al Hamra Fort Hotel and Beach Resort and RAK Hotel and Resort. My current job is with ANGT LLC as Corporate Chef.

Any fond memories?
The memories are meant to be cherished; I have many but would share just two. During initial period of my career as a commis in Oberoi hotel, I was immature in the culinary field of highly skilled professionals. Indian executive chef S S Rana of The Oberoi Tower, saw some hidden talent in me. He took keen interest in shaping my career and polished me to learn and fine tuned my basic nuances of cookery. Chef Rana is my mentor, he taught me and shared his secret recipes of curries and trained me in making Indian bread with his own hand. Although initially, I hated the work pressure but he moulded me to be a perfectionist. Today, when I look back down the memory lane, while cooking or explaining Indian food, I still recall those fine moments of my life which are unforgettable. Another fond memory, I was travelling to South Africa for noble cause under “World Chefs Tour Against Hunger” in 2011. I was representing UAE with a team of 4 Executive Chefs from the fraternity. The drive was started by Chef Billy Galagher to feed the underprivileged children through schools and charitable institutions. The aim was to feed the underprivileged children through schools and charitable institutions. We raised millions of RANDS through charity cooking, food festival and special dinner’s shows in hotels and catering establishment. I still remember those words of Chef Billy Galagher turned to me and said “You will take back the face of these children as memories and will remember throughout your life and you will feel that you have really done something great”. These are words are still afresh n my mind.

Do you have any message for chef aspirant?
Chefs are born, not made. As a chef you should cook from heart. Be supportive and helpful to others and to the society. Whenever there is an opportunity to cook for family, friends and neighbourhood, work for free and without any expectation. It is bound to give you a pleasure and in return you get blessing from their heart, which are priceless. Never miss out a chance to participate in culinary competitions, be a part of chefs association and learn through networking. No one can become an executive chef overnight. It’s a long process to become an expert in all the areas. There is an old proverb credited to Publilius Syrus “A rolling stone gathers no moss” so always remain happy and joyful as today, even sky has no limit.

Are you satisfied with mass ingredient producing company?
Yes, of course. The hotel industry is growing rapidly globally. Besides their regular speciality restaurants, hotels most lucrative and high revenue generating area is banqueting. The bulk food requires substantial ingredients and raw material. Here, we come for their rescue. Our products come handy instead of depending upon cooks and helpers to prepare bulk mise en place. Our products are boon for them to prepare large volume of food without using many cooks.

What is your most significant achievement?
One of the most important days of my life was when I learned to cook and rest everything followed in line. No matter if you win or lose, the most important thing in life is to enjoy what you have, so I kept on doing things which came my way. The significant achievements are, I have worked with Chef Jochen Kern, Master Chef and Founder Chef of prestigious Caviar Club – Cordon noir, have completed special training with “Anne Sophie Pic” 3 star Michelin chef in Beau Rivage Palace Hotel in Lausanne, Switzerland. I have participated in “WACS Congress” held in 2008 Dubai, Korea in 2012 and 2016 Thessaloniki in Greece. I have chaired as a Judge of few prestigious culinary competitions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi like La Cuisine Du SIAL(2012), Unilever Masterchef of the Year (2011), Battle of the kitchens Abu Dhabi, East Coast Culinary Competition Fujairah, Burjuman Junior Chef of the Year to name a few. I have won Silver Certificate for “Black Box Culinary Challenge” organized by Meat and livestock Australia, popularly known as MLA.

What is AGNT and its concept?
ANGT is termed as the pioneers of Onion paste. We produce food ingredients, ready to eat & curry base products, with a common philosophy of 100% natural and preservative free. Our concepts and products are based on offering food solutions that are of high quality, consistent and cost effective. “NONIONS” & “SIPPY” are Registered Brands & TM of RRRF-ANGT. The company has won many award and nominations like Gulfood Awards 2010, SIAL ME 2011 and also were awarded as “The World’s Greatest Brands – Asia & GCC 2015”. Our manufacturing plants are ISO 9001:2000 & HACCP Certified and operating with state of art processing & advanced retort packaging Japanese technology of the next generation.


  1. Sanjay kumar said:

    One day I talking with Chef Huria and he made one quote which I still remember, “Cookery is not chemistry. It is an art. It requires instinct and taste rather than exact measurements” after reading your journey I felt why you said that….. congrats chef for you long and divercyfied journey.

    • Manav Kumar said:

      Chef heartily congratulations !!
      You are not only a born chef but also born with a Golden Heart which is very Kind, Humble, Pious and always Helpful to others….May GOD BLESS you with this continue success to reach greater heights further more n more in life..

  2. Manju chand said:

    Nice to go through biography of my brother Vivek , who is a person of great values . He is a good friend , family member and mentor. Wish him good luck .

  3. Gauri Bagchi said:

    Chef Vivek has redifined fine dining. He is not only a great chef but a great person too. Always the one to lend a helping hand to everyone whenever a need arises. Wishing him success in all his endeavours.