Sanjeev Pendharkar

Do you know your heating bills can be reduced by using your solar panels to provide the power to your home heating systems? Your savings on heating cost versus using convention electricity can reap you substantial financial rewards. Another option is to cut your water heater to the solar panel array you have installed. You will have the added benefit of knowing that you can still take up hot shower, in your comfortably warm home in the event of a winter power outage.

While not on a direct savings on your electric bills, you will get another financial benefit from solar powering your home. The resale value of your home will increase by as much as by 25% with the installation of solar panels. Solar panels can be used to generate a portion of your home’s power, so that you don’t have to be dependent on traditional power sources for power supply. For instance, you can install panels to provide electricity just for appliances or lighting, to reduce your dependency on the utility company, as well as lower your bill.

Home owners are allowed to list out equipments from a private company for use in general electricity and the company themselves surplus electricity to its customers at a lower price than the local utility; power purchase agreement says. This also gives home owner as option that elevates the expense of installing his own equipments.

However, some people consider its advantages like they cannot generate energy during the night time with solar energy. And, also during day time, the weather may be cloudy or rainy, will little or no sun radiation. Hence, this makes solar energy panels less reliable as a solution. While some might think solar panels also require inverters and storage batteries to convert direct electricity to alternating electricity so as to generate electricity. While installing a solar panel is quite cheap, installing other equipments becomes expensive.

While this is true to some extent but the larger benefits you get from installation of solar system will save your lot of money.

The federal govt. offers incentives that help offset the cost of installation, so that the consumer can realize energy savings more quickly. This means lower energy cost in a shorter time frame. Net metering is another policy that works to the advantages of homeowners using solar power. Electric meter will measure your electricity production as well as your consumption and calculate the difference. So as you generate electricity with your solar panels, you are in essence banking credit with your local electric company.

And lastly, solar panels may not always require considerable maintenance as they are fragile and can be easily damage. There is a lot of sunlight in majority of the places in India and using solar panels should definitely help you save.