Bindu Midha

Who can fathom what goes on beneath the rippling surface of the ocean? Or what it conceals in its vast, deep bosom which seems to carry within a million untold secrets which it would rather not reveal? Its waves belie the depth, as they rush eagerly to kiss the land and then retreat as if oscillating between two diverse worlds, confused about which one to choose. Excitedly the giant tongue laps up the motionless beach as if forging a strong bond, sealing it with its kiss. Or is it a restless child dissatisfied with what it has and so returns looking for greater pleasures in its own yard. The sea has unfathomable depth perhaps indicative of its insight. Little wonder then, that man professes love as deep as the ocean to his beloved, exemplifying the unimaginable. But the ocean doesn’t have a base, or an achievable one at that, does it? So by that analogy does this imply that the deep love is ‘base-less’ too?

The sea is its own master. Such is the temerity of the sea that it remains an enigma. Man has oft times tried to tame the spirited sea, harness its power. However, with not too great a success! For can a wind ever be ensnared? Can a wandering mind with its intense thoughts ever be restrained? And can the evergreen misplace its green? If not, then how can a human fetter the surge of rising waves? The sea creates a symphony peculiar to it and is the conductor of this orchestra which one could sit back and benefit from. Or dive into its turbulent waters to re-appear, surfing on its waves savouring every moment of the thrill that it allows. Creating indigenous sea- songs the waves rush with divine gifts for us which are created in its secret factory. Sea–shells of myriad shapes, sizes and colours are its ornament. Swaying corals show us a beauty of life-forms that exist beneath water. Oysters unfold to reveal their moonlike inhabitant. Sea-weed as well as valuable dissolved minerals promises us green within the water and offer nourishment and good health. Co-existence comes with our observation of fishes of varied hues and size which swim freely in their habitat; unhindered and undisturbed. The golden/ silvery beach sands offer us the perfect romance venue. While the recurrent gushing to the shore reminds us of the spirit to fight back, staying steadfast, even as the ground beneath seems to slither away. The re-surging foamy froth reinforces the spirit to go on. Profundity could be gathered from the depth. Intensity in thought word and deed is what we would build and develop if we emulate the greatness of the mighty ocean and seas. Myriad water-life presents a vast assortment that charms and draws like a mermaid beckoning to undertake the voyage of discovery. Smitten, we take to scuba diving, sea-walking and snorkelling in these green-blue waters to revel in the jewels that remain hidden beneath the water’s deceptive turbulent surface. Like a mother’s reproach, the sea holds close to its bosom its much valued treasure.

No wonder then that stories from times immemorial celebrate the vastness and mysterious world of the marine. It spewed Giants, monsters, who vehemently resisted and opposed man’s spirit of adventure to seek the unconquered. The undaunted accepted the challenge venturing into aquatic lands to return unscathed, bearing tales that would make the listeners hold him in awe and reverence. A bond forged between Nature and her child!

The deep teaches us intensity- Intensity strengthens relationship and bond ensuring that they remain eternal. This new year, in 2016 let us develop deepness and thereby attain eternity.