“We have one life, but if we live it right, one is enough” – Vikas Bhalla


He became an instant hit with his single ‘Hai Dhuan.’ He did few films before navigating his way into television. More recently, he also was a contestant on one of India’s most popular reality show – Bigg Boss. Here he is, in a candid chat with SHAILI MADAN, post his elimination…

Please share with us your experience in Bigg Boss…
My experience in Bigg Boss has been great. It has been a learning expereince. Through this show I have started valuing my domestic help and driver a lot more than I used to earlier. We were made to do everything from cooking, cleaning to sweeping. Once you start doing such things yourself, you realise the efforts that the others put into an activity.

Which was the most difficult moment for you while you were in the house?
I think it was on October 24, my birthday. I was missing my family terribly. That day, my wife sent me a letter, which I read and made me really emotional. This was the most difficult time for me while I was in the house.

Why do you feel you got eliminated?
This is something that I was expecting. In the first week itself, I knew that the kind of controversies that were about to begin would make me feel uncomfortable, and sooner or later I will find myself in an uneasy spot. I am not a manipulative person and can’t do bad to anyone. I felt that eventually I will end up taking a back seat and once you go away from the limelight in a show like this, it never works in your favour.

Who do you feel is likely to win the season?
I feel Aman Verma is playing the game with a well planned strategy. He know who to talk to, when to talk to. He has the correct experience since he’s been a part of reality shows earlier. Although I wish that Prince or Suyyash win the show. They are extremely hardworking and genuine people.

What do you feel about reality shows in India?
This particular show is really good. The reality of the show in unparalleled. Also, with Salman being on board, there is no looking back.

How was your experience with Salman Khan?
My experience with Salman was excellent. He was always very supportive as a brother and friend. He was always there when I needed his advice.

Please elaborate on your future plans…
It all depends on what is offered to me. A few things have come up but nothing has been finalised yet. I love music. I am also planning to release my new single, so hopefully things will fall in place.

Where do you prefer to lay focus…films or television?
I plan to do both. There is no demarcation between the two. If you can act on one platform, you certainly act in the other too.

You have been in the industry for a long time now. How do you think it has evolved through the years?
The quality of films has improved tremendously. The quality of production has also evolved by leaps and bounds. This a very interesting phase in the history of Indian cinema. Roles are a lot more character based now. You don’t have to be a leading man to succeed. All you need is the right role to enact.

How would you define your journey till date?
I live life by the way it comes to me. I am not into planning and plotting of things. I stay away from all this. My philosophy of life is: We have one life, but if we live it right, one is enough.