Rip Dr Priyanka Reddy haah really ? You all think she can really Rip


Black and white illustration of a hand covering woman mouth concept for abuse or domestic violence.

RIP Dr. Priyanka Reddy
Haah really? You’ll think she can really RIP after how she went from this world.Every second day we hear news about women getting raped or beaten to death. Why so much violence against women? It’s so shameful for our country to be in News for such crimes. Is our Country really dominated by misogynists and men who just see women as sexual objects? When I look at other good things happening in our country and think that now it’s going to be peaceful and everyone’s gonna respect each other and live in unity then on the other hand I see breaking news like these women getting raped. I feel abashed. People like these should be hanged they shouldn’t be given any right to fight a case in the court of law. They should be executed directly so that everyone will know that in a country like India we don’t have a place for raping misogynist pigs. I hope the court serves justice to Dr. Priyanka Reddy and many other women like her.
Surjitt Sahani

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