THE DANCE CLUB, what is so different and special about THE DANCE CLUB


The dance club

On the 1st of December 2019,THE DANCE CLUB an enterprise founded by Padmini Haldankar, was inaugurated by Guest of Honour Veteran choreographer, director & producer  Karla Singh and our very own Shri Devendra Bala Amberkar – ex Municipal Counsellor, ex opposition leader MCGM & Chairman of Model Town Residents Welfare Association.
What is different about THE DANCE CLUB?
Founded by Padmini Haldankar, this  club is a FUN club for anyone and everyone above the age of 40 and are young at heart! Dance is used as a THERAPY to relieve the stress and frustrations that we all face living in metro cities.The basic aim is to create a support group to help us sail smoothly through the second innings of our lives.
Games are played to build team spirit, competitive zest and the ability to adjust with different people.
Debates and discussions are held on various topics to lead you to  positive thinking & one learns how to cross the hurdles of life.
All this keeps the mind healthy and happy.Joyful theraptic dance uplifts the spirits.This in turn makes a person healthy.
The support of members gives a sense of security.
Lastly artistic talents get an opportunity to be showcased.
THE DANCE CLUB also has differently abled  people as members and their participation in the warm ups, dance and games is so very inspirational !!!
We are happy to know that there is a dance club for elderly young at heart non dancers,in our vicinity.
Karla Singh and Devendra Bala Am erkar gave their blessings to this unique club.
For further information pls contact. Padmini haldankar 9819728173
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